You Can Be a Jock AND a Brony!

Being a Brony has shown me many things: I can not judge others by how they look; being different is better than joining the crowd; and that life all around is much more beautiful than we can see.

Your recent video about being different has hit me a lot harder than most Brony songs and sayings. I am a junior in high school and although this isn’t a heart touching story, I just wanted to show how being Brony has changed me. I play a lot of sports, from football to baseball. I’m considered a “jock”, but I don’t like that. I feel I’m segregated from others. I’ll go to practice one day and go home and draw, watch, and talk about MLP:FiM. I have some very judgmental friends, being that I am in sports. I feel they would never see eye to eye with me. Being a Brony and being different tells me why I shouldn’t care what they think– I’m me, and nobody can change that!

I have recently bought Brony wristbands and shirts to show my love for the fandom. I have met many new friends and couldn’t ask for better ones. I am still in sports and hang out with my “jock” friends, but I always have time to hang out with my Brony friends, in school and out. I’m still in sports and plan on going to college for it.

My main reason (if you even read this far) for sending you this is this: being a Brony has taught me that being different is great, and that you can’t let others tell you who can and can’t be. This was mainly a thank you message. I love your website and keep up the good work.

-Zak/Proud Brony


3 comments to You Can Be a Jock AND a Brony!

  • Xeno  says:

    what a great story… am i seriously the only one that commented on this story?

  • Cody White  says:

    xeeno ur not the only one this story got me fast nice article keep it up its great to be different :)

  • TRicky  says:

    Hey, I know how u feel. I am also what i guess u would call a girl jock. I too have friends that are not really the mlpfim type. Hang tough! *brohoof*

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