Words of Encouragement

I got this inspiring letter from Dylan as a result of BronyDanceParty‘s music video for Great To Be Different, which you can see here.

I just saw the video, and it’s probably the best video I’ve ever seen. This video resembles my life in every way. I have a learning disability, and I used to be the shyest person in my school. So, because of that, everybody pushed me around, teased me, and made fun of me. Because of my disability everybody, even teachers, told me that I would never make it; that I would never pass, etc– for 5 yrs.

In seventh grade I went to a private school that was very small with only about 30 people in the whole school, and with only 4 people in my whole grade. Now they are all my best friends. I used to pray all the time wishing that school would get better with everybody bullying me and everything, but now I don’t have to do that anymore. Everyone around me has showed me that it’s okay to be myself and that it’s okay to be different.

Now I’m confident and not afraid to show myself to the world and show who I really am. It’s hard to believe that if it weren’t for that private school, I would still be that super shy kid that would constantly be picked on. I’ve been through a lot of tough times but somehow got through it.

For those people that are going through some tough times and think that it’s not going get better, just hang in there! It’s going to get better, and even though it seems like it’s not going to, it will. Trust me. Just be yourself and it will change your life forever.

I hope everybody gets to see this message and that everybody will see this as an inspiration to be yourself and that it okay to show everybody who you are.

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  • Flake  says:

    The same thing I could tell about myself. It is wonderfull that someone get better and realise this simple but so important lesson. I am shy to but also I know that it is possible to be better just if you will who you are. And your story help me, thanks and forgive my English not my real language.

  • Jared Dampf  says:

    ^_^ To everyone on this site… I LOVE ALL OF YOU! Please, anyone, if you EVER wish to talk about anything, my Facebook is open. Also my email: jareddampf@gmail.com

  • Dylan Blair  says:

    Oh my gosh I cant believe that my story is right here for everybody to see. I was so happy when I saw my story on not far from the top. I am shocked with excitement from seeing this up on this website. I never knew people would want to read my story….God bless you all

    • Xeno  says:

      dylan we are bronys we care for eachother read eachothers storys we are all freinds and this is baisicly what happend to me :D

  • Holiday Miner  says:

    I just love the brony fandom… The love and caring

  • Funneh Cake  says:

    hiya,im soooo happy for u! Im basically

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