What is “Great to be Different”?

“Great to be Different” was a song written by Forest Rain in August of 2012, inspired by a letter he received while at Bronycon. It served as an anthem for anyone who was misunderstood, or considered strange; Anyone who felt different.

Shortly after the release of the song, Forest Rain created a community project to celebrate how everyone was different: a music video, set to the song, with pictures, audio clips, and video from the community. It premiered at Canterlot Gardens in September of 2012.

In the process of creating the video, Forest received a ton of personal stories, as well as some pictures and other media that didn’t make it into the final video. He felt that he somehow needed to do justice to all the people that took time to send him heart-felt snippets of their lives, and so he created GreatToBeDifferent.com.

This website is here to celebrate our differences, share our stories, and inspire others.

We may be different– but we don’t have to be alone.

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  • HyperDude  says:

    how do you put ur story

  • Aggressive Scootaloo  says:

    I support this project with all of my heart. ♥

  • Michael Dauzat  says:

    brony an pegasisters we like a family

  • Supreme lord of the nerds  says:

    This song get me every time. Its great to be a brony.

  • xSteelZzZx .  says:


  • sentex  says:

    We are Different. Thats what connecting us. So let us be what we want to be. Let’s be different. Let’s be great. Let’s be Bronies.

    • Jared Dampf  says:

      AYE!!!!! Our differences are EXACTLY what have lead us all here! Sentex, I thank you for reminding me of this most important truth. It is because we are different that we are friends! Were we the same, we wouldn’t be anything but a hive mind! Therefore, my dearest friends, WE ARE DIFFERENT, AND WE ARE THE MLP FANBASE!!!!!

  • Derpy Hooves  says:

    It feels good to be a part of a community who can be there for me! I love you all, but let us all be Phsyco’s together! BECAUSE WE ARE BRONIES!!! /)

    • Cookoogamer  says:

      im a bit late to the party an all but we ain’t phsyco’s , sorry if a sound harsh

  • Stephen Thompson  says:

    Things like this are what gives me hope for the future. With kindness and compassion like the brony community has I have hope for my young girls future. I am also proud to be a part of such a wonderful group of folks.

  • Damian274  says:

    this song is the best i listen to it on youtube but it was not the whole song it was by BronyDanceParty and it was still enough to get me to join this site i really don’t have alot of people to talk to so i really don’t get teased but i know i will get teased starting at the end of the year when i start to leave my parents house and live on my own and going to have this song in my head forever to remind me
    that it is great to be different :) /)

  • Pegasister4EVA12  says:

    Were all pegasisters or bronies deep down and we are all some sort of huge family :)

  • Jordan Landers  says:

    this is the best brony song/ video i have seen

  • Jackie  says:

    It is great to be different :)

  • Jackie  says:

    Hi! I’m new here to the community and I’ve read some of the stories here and it’s really sad how many get bulled or teased about them liking my little pony, I too have the same problem ((and I still do)) but after hearing that inspiring song it really changed me from making a HUGE mistake of taking my life away but now i feel better about becoming a pegasister and I will always love my little pony

    “I love being different thank you!!”


  • ReTrimm  says:

    I was never accepted to any group of people. I never actually knew what having a friend means. Forest. Decibelle. Thank you for showing me that I have value. That there’s nothing wrong with being different from others. I am truly grateful for that, and I am proud to be different. I am proud to be a brony!

    • DJ-RainbowShy  says:

      ive always stood my ground on that life would be boring if everyone was the same we are all different and should be proud to be who we are and never let the words of others change that

    • Allison Theaker  says:

      I can relate to that.Im shy and have social anxiety.i have some friends and im a proud to be a pegasister

  • torin petke  says:

    Hi, wow, i didn’t know this site was still up… wow, hi guys, it’s been a while, i haven’t been on here since like late 2015.

    • torin petke  says:

      i had a different account

  • Cookoogamer  says:

    Im actually so glad i found this place because only one of my friends actually dont criticize me about like stuff like this and actually support me but i found this today and im so glad because there is many people here.

  • Cookoogamer  says:

    oops i forgot im drawing a picture of the pony i would probably look like, even though i cant draw i shall at least try. i guess ?

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