“To be myself, to not just assimilate”

A message I got from Jake about how bronies showed him that “being cool” isn’t the end-all-be-all~

I just wanted to send you this because your song has lit a candle in my soul that will never burn out.
I’m Jake, born with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder). I got bullied way back in fifth grade. I hated it, but I always tried to stick around to try for their approval and to be “cool” and “popular”. I got called names like “bighead” and “nutcase”. And now that I’m older I realize from how wrong I was. I don’t need to be “cool” if it means pain. I realize that it truly is great to be different. To be myself, to not just assimilate.

Now, I have great friends that love me for who I am. That in itself is a true blessing. They know that I’m a brony, and they don’t critisize for it, they accept it. When I became a brony, I couldn’t believe the amazing community that I became a part of. All of of us coming together and being ourselves, and accepting each other with open arms. That truly is what touches me. And yes, I cried heavily to your song. I even cried while showing your song to my mom. Thank you so much for your showing so many of us that it truly is great to be different. You’ve touched many lives, including mine.

– Jake

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