The Happy One

Princess Dina


I live in Germany so my English is not very good, but I hope you can read what I wrote.

In my entire life, I felt useless although my name was “The Happy One”. (That is what my real name means in German.) All my classmates bullied me and called me many dirty names. I changed schools twice but every time I thought I was safe from the bullying, others started to make fun of me. They said I am not worth living and should kill myself. Even my own mother hated me. Well, I am not very slim but it was horrifying to hear from others that they don’t want you because you are not as beautiful as they. At this time, I got depressed and started to think about suicide.

A few years ago, I found MLP:FiM and I loved to watch it. I was so excited as I found out that there was an entire fandom. I searched on Google, Tumblr, YouTube and many more websites for pictures, songs, stories and even clothes. Finally I felt happy in my life, although the others didn’t want that.

I told my mom about me being a pegasister, but she hated me for that. She though it was for little girls and took my computer, so that I couldn’t go on the internet anymore. Because of all the beatings in school, I have grown muscles that no girl should have.

I hit my mother.

But I got my PC back, so I felt good about it.

One year later, I fell in love with another girl and I realized that I was bisexual. I told my mom about it and she got, of course, really mad. She started hitting me and saying bad words to me. Because of all the bullying in school, my heart turned into stone. I really felt nothing. So I didn’t care about that. I was good at school and soon I got into a better school where nobody knew me. My life was good again, for a few weeks, until someone came to me and bullied me again. I got depressed again and turned into an Emo.

Then I started to make my own ponies in many MLP creators. I drew pictures of them and wrote stories. I also joined many CreepyPasta forums. It kept me over water, listening to music every day and reading stories about ponies and other stuff. Although my girlfriend and me have separated, that was the time I finally created my pony character: Princess Dina, the Queen of the Everfree Forest.

As I came into the 9th class of my school, I found many new friends because I didn’t care about appearance. They all were very nice. But then, again, someone mocked me because of my weight. And sadly I drifted into madness.

One day, I found the song “Great to be Different” and I realized that I am special, because there is only one of me in the entire world. My life was happy again and it still is. My mother and I still hate each other, but not so badly as before. I fell in love again and made many new friends on the internet.

I finally became “The Happy One”.

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  • Jimmy Danilczyk  says:

    I read your story and I can relate in some ways, so I’m glad to see you are Happy!!! *Brohoof /)*

  • Zero Gravity  says:

    /)*(\ I can’t say I entirely know where you’re coming from, but in a way I do. I was made fun of for my looks because my dad is jewish, so I don’t have the “hollywood” nose, I guess you can say. So I was also made fun of for my looks, and once I got glasses I was made fun of even more for it, so I don’t have many friends even to this day (I’m 21 now) but I’m okay with that. Because the very few friends that I do have are all shapes, sizes, and personalities. But even though we poke fun at each other for little things here and there, we still remain friends because, hey, love and tolerate. MLP has made me a better person inside and out. You deserve happiness <3 I'm glad you found it

  • CedarWoods  says:

    I believe when people are mean to those they view as different, it’s simply because they’re jealous. They know that they’ll never be even 10% as cool as those people.

    Really, who wants to be normal? I mean how mind-numbingly boring. I was home-schooled for all of my childhood, but if I had gone to public school, I can safely guarantee that kids like you would be my friends. And if anyone wanted to talk **** about any of my friends, they would have to walk through me first.

    Here’s a suggestion for anyone who’s going through a tough time because of being weird (which is just another word for cool):

    1. Let them run the course of insults

    2. Check your pockets

    3. Say “Oh gosh darn it. I completely forgot to grab that pack of hoots on the way out the door. Strike me down.”

    4. Then walk off (perhaps slapping your forehead)

    It really is as simple as that. Just walk away. Don’t give a rat’s *** what other people think about you.

    Also buy a copy of this book (it’s also available on Itunes):

    Be different and wonderful

  • German_speaking_brony  says:

    Well I speak German so,Es ist gut zu hören, Sie kommen aus Ihrem Schneckenhaus und drücken Sie die zurück auf das Leben, die meisten, die nicht wirklich viel erreichen, aber Sie haben Fortschritte mehr als ich, so bin ich stolz auf dich

  • Lightmoon1  says:

    I’m happy for you i had the same problem.

  • Lightmoon1  says:

    well don’t worry I’m bisexual and alot more people are to.

    • fluttershys clone  says:

      I am to

  • Zachary W  says:

    No one should ever be told that. I might be Heterosexual but I know what it is like to be pushed around a lot. Just a couple days ago I encountered the most hateful person I’ve ever met over Steam. The reason why he was so hateful. He hates Bronies and thinks I am not a good person for being one. Truth is people may insult me and call me names but they also inspire me in a way. Sure they get you down and treat you horribly but you are better then they are. You can prove them all.

    That one person called me Emo…. Weird because I’m the complete opposite. Sure I create monsters and Demons for a living but they aren’t really monsters at all if you get to know them. Truth is my monsters have more story then most of my characters one them is a reflection of myself and is feared for his appearance when he is a hero at heart.

    My theory why people reject others for differences is because of Human nature. When primates for example see one that is different they often leave that one behind or in rare cases accept that odd one out. If this happens in primates then it must occur in Humans as well. To you I might be speaking out of your league but it’s an experiment I’ve been running for a while. Becoming a Brony was never expected. In fact I would have never became an official one if i never heard “Great to Be different.”

    I know life is hard and that it is so hard not feeling alone. But truth is we’re never really alone.

    One last thing. Your mother thought it was a bad thing for you to be a Pegasister. You can tell her this. Before I became a Brony I filled with so much hate. I almost got violent over a simple question. But since I became a Brony I’ve found a new purpose for my life. To inspire people and share my kindness with others. In a way joining the MLP fandom changed my life for the better. I”m more social now and I’m not as easily offended by people’s insults anymore. I’ve also helped a lot of people and made tons f new friends.

    What I’m trying to say is that you are who you are and no has the authority to tell you you’re stupid strange or lame. You are different and they just need to accept you for who you are.

    You are really “The Happy One”.


  • ian doyle  says:

    this is what I love about this site. everyone here is completely different and yet same, and it absolutely amazing to see all the stories and makes me realize just how luck I actualy have it. but it also makes me sad to see how some of these people`s live and I realy wish that there was some way I could help. but other than just simply typing support. there is none. yet. Recently I have been thinking about starting up a yearly get-to-gether. sort of like bronycon. it will require a lot of help seeing how im only 15 but I belive that it can happen. if anyone reading this lives in MS or would just simply like to chat, message my email. bro-hoof to everyone and keep faith guys and galls!! (^^)

    • Zachary W  says:

      I agree with you. I used to hate bronies until I found Derpy who reminded me of myself when I was young my autism might make seem stupid sometimes and people might not like me but that doesn’t matter now. If you’re fifteen then I would help you set up something like that but I live in the middle of Texas and I don’t have a drivers license yet.

      Also you can help more then you know. You’d be surprised how leaving a single comment can do. i actually really helped someone out of depression by leaving one good comment on something that everyone hated because it involved ponies.

      You can make a difference just through that like I do every day.

  • ponymonmastr  says:

    I really don’t like it when people talk about suicide n stuff like that, no matter who it is I want to help them out.

  • ponymonmastr  says:

    i like to respect what other people decide for their life, im happy that you try to life your own life despite how your mother had treated you because of it.

    • Zachary W  says:

      That’s good to hear. most people are so full of hate that that’s all they spread. I try to help these people any way I can since I am inspirational as well. If you know someone then send me a message. My large group of friends and are very supportive.

  • Vigil  says:

    I really hate hearing about such cruelty. We live in a world where anyone who is outside the norm is abused and rejected, but I’m glad you could find happiness and I hope you continue to lead a good life.
    Brohoof! /)

    • Zachary W  says:

      I know what you mean. I used to get picked on because I wear glasses and I suffer from a form of Autism. But I earned respect through my accomplishments and my kindness which is a gift. I see everyone as equal but what I don’t get is why no one else does.

  • Featherloft Wing  says:

    Your story greatly touched me, because I’ve been in your position until I found someone to look up to. My mother and teachers from the middle school I was transferred to made me feel like a true person. My Asperger’s will be with me throughout my life, but that doesn’t mean I’m any less of a person. How dare anypony deny you of what your rights are, if you deserve them. Coming from being bullied, I can say I’ve been called learning disabled, stupid, and retarded…and it just didn’t stop. It didn’t stop until I was transferred to Penn Treaty Middle School from Baldi.

    You are not alone in feeling alone. *hugs tight* If there’s anypony that can relate to you, it’s those who have been in your position. Brohoof! /)

  • scarlet arrow  says:

    Beleive it or not I know exactly how you feel exept about the mother thing right now im really confused about my sexuality and other people made so much fun of me for being a brony but did that stop me !? NO it didn’t I told them hey I dont care what you think this is my life you dont control it

  • Jared Dampf  says:

    I can see why you’ve done what you have. I myself was called many names, verbally abused. However… I Learned one really good trick. If someone tries it again, act like it’s a compliment. If you keep doing that to everyone who insults you, they’ll eventually give up, knowing you’ll just take it as a compliment. .. I’ve lived my life as “The Happy One.”….. but underneath, I was the darkened, angry one who had both homicidal and suicidal thoughts. The smile I made for my friends? It was a facáde that was easily broken. Many times, I would get into fistfights, and be suspended. But, recently, the facáde has been stronger. I’m not any better than before… :(… but I can say these 3 things. 1: ROCK IN, BISEXUALS! (I’m one, too, hon.) 2: No matter what people say, you’re amazing the way you are. And 3… the one thing your story reflects. “Sometimes the girl who is always there for everybody…. needs somebody there for her.” If you ever wanna talk, or anything, I’m on Facebook. Jared Dampf, just the same as here. I’ll listen, and I’m here for you. No matter what.

  • Michael Dauzat  says:

    hi the happy one i hade the same problem with my dad so i become watch the same video i cryed im a brony so im glade to be diffrent if you want to dd me on facebookyou can myname is michael dauzat

  • Michael Dauzat  says:

    add an problim*

  • Xeno  says:

    thats exactly what happend to me i got stronger for no reason after i became a brony, and before that i cared for nothing except my dear dog Max which died from a heat stroke at the end of summer 2011 from that point on i was one the angryiest peaple at my skool i was about to kill myself at summer 2012 untill i was dared to watch mlp fim and now im one the happiest peeple at my skool … i know exatly what you went through becase i been in that area for 9 years … i honestly could not be happier /)

  • MLGP  says:

    its amazing to see sensible people that want to help others when they have a hard life. im bald, a brony, and short. for these three reasons people made fun of me but not as bad as “the happy one”. i just feel so sorry for the people that were unlucky enough to be in these situations.

  • BravoKrofski  says:

    Your strength and motivation is to be admired, the world can be harsh and cruel, but we must go through these hardships, and come out with our heads held high and our hearts full of kindness.

  • Shawn Cates  says:

    im a brony! i love pinkie pie and derpy! pinkie cheers me up but derpy shows me whats most important in life and that is, to be your self. i am actually surprised i dont get made fun of at school. but i will say i show it off! ^^ my school computer is covered with my little pony stickers! and i have a bracelet and 2 dog tags. no matter what people think, i will always be myself! i did have one incident though and it was some kid telling me to burn my pony stuff, but i had something he didn’t and that was friendship! but at that time it did not matter because almost my whole class backed me up! ^^

  • zach A  says:

    Hey, I am Zach, I can relate to you, I have been bullied my whole life because of the way I look. I am not skinny, I am actually fat. I have a low matabalizm so it is hard to loose waight but really easy to gain it. I had stopped eating for a while, and started taking pills. I ODed once, and had to stay in the hospital for a bit. I still have to go to tharapy because theu think I am suicidal.This mad it worse for me at school, everyone started to avoid me. I had no one to go to, my dad would just tell me to stuck it up, but he did nothing to help me. Then I found MLP:FIM and started watching it. Then somehow people found out about it at my school, and made my life worse. I had found I few friends, and I love to hang out with them, and my girlfriend doesn’t mind me watching MLP at all, but that only duels the pain, it doesn’t take it away. My whole family makes fun of me because I like to watch MLP so anywhere I go I get made fun of, or shunned. I find myself having to hide in the front of the room, next to the teacher to avoid everyone, it doesn’t help much since the teacher doesn’t help me at all. None of my teachers, but one, even care about what happens to me. find myself getting in fights allot at school, and I get blamed for it since everyone backs up the bullies insted of me. It had drove me to suicide once, and not a day goes by that I don’t think about cammiting it. But I am still here, hoping one day I will be left alone. I like to watch MLP because it’s the one time I get to escape my cruel world, and jump into another, nicer funner, world. A world where I could be me. A world where I am not so lonely. I wish this world was like MLP, I really do. I can’t stand this world for much longer. I just hope to get pass highschool, and maybe, just maybe, the world will be a better place.

    • Allison Theaker  says:

      I would like to be your friend.I get teased for watching MLP also

  • Ryan ******  says:

    Mine Deutsch ist nicht zo gut aber ich denken as wäre besserdies in Deutsch sagen es tut mir leid dass du das soso Lange days gefühl wirklich leid and ich bin glücklich dass du glück zu finden sind and ich denke rich spreche fur runs alle wenn ich sage wir werden sie bis zum ende unterstützt and viel glück goob luck

  • Lexanna_Love  says:

    I can relate for sure. My dad is very unsupportive. I would love to be friends and support you. (I’m new, that’s why my account isn’t too good yet.)

  • Lieutenant Reon  says:

    Fast die gleiche Situation wie die in der ich zurzeit stecke, nur dass ich ein Junge bin und noch nicht aus dem Loch der Depression rausgekommen bin… Hattest du in deiner schweren Zeit auch Gedanken davon wie du deine Mobber sadistisch ermordest?

  • Cyder  says:

    I’m not bisexual but i can imagine how confused you were when people look down on you or such as your mom getting mad just for you being yourself. Congratulations on being the happy one and wow grow muscles ? I could recommend you go try parkour its a form of exercise and its kinda fun ! I tried it before and it has a high skill ceiling and is tough, but it can be useful and fun too. MLP:FiM also changed my life and motivated me to be a better person since my motto is to make the world a fairer place for everyone. Making it fair for everyone is incredibly difficult and i can’t do it alone, so i’ll settle for making it fairer for everyone as best as i can. See the amazing thing about MLP:FiM is not that so many people like it, its because it changes you and makes you a better person. You my friend is the living proof of that and as always, stay brony and love and tolerate /)

  • parappa272  says:

    I wanna be friends with you ,you sound nice and pretty I don’t know why they would bully you… I’ve been though lots too… But i wish bullies wernt bulling you.I would make them bully me than you…

  • SapphireRose  says:

    Your story has brightened my mind up from all of the bullies. You kept fighting to be exactly what your name ment. I have somewhat of the same life storyline as you so far. You have greatly inspired me. I thank you greatly. And i hope your future is full of happiness and joy!! ~SapphireRose♫

  • Alkaline Brony  says:

    You sound like a great person :D I would have loved to have been your friend in school. I get bullied for my weird sense of humor and my misuse of some words. I get called things like “Gay” ****” and “Emo” (Which i dont think are very insulting, i dont get why some people do) but honestly just turn your pockets inside out and say, “Sorry, I have run out of s**** to give…” By the way, cool name :D What is the German Version of it?

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