The Girl With Music In Her Heart

Here’s a sweet letter I got from a girl named Tiffany, who sent this in quite some time ago. I’m glad you’ve gained the confidence to make new friends and be yourself!

— Forest Rain


Tiffany's OCI go by many names– some good and some bad. I am different and I never really accepted that growing up. I was born with a crooked leg, so I wore a leg brace for a year. I got made fun of for it a lot, and never really had many friends. The constant bullying from classmates and siblings made my heart ache. It made my heart ache so much that I mostly kept to myself, and kept quiet for years. I felt like an outcast, I put myself down, I believed that every bad thing a person has said to me was true.

Then, one day, I found MLP:FiM, and I thought it was cool. I had no clue about the fandom until the summer of 2012. When I found the fandom I felt happier, but I feel like I started to heal when I first heard your song. It got me thinking that it’s okay to be different, and I should be proud of myself; I’m not a freak or an outcast. After I first heard the song “Great to be Different”, I changed things in my life. I’m a junior in high school so you would think I had friends, but I didn’t have many. After I heard the song, I walked up to a group of kids and asked to sit by them. They said yes, and I have been sitting by them ever since. I even told them I’m a brony and showed them pictures I drew.

I now really accept myself for who I am and I’m proud of it. Music was something I loved, growing up from elementary school to now in high school. I love to sing and write songs, and I would have never guessed that a song would change my life and heal my heart. So for that, I thank you.

From Tiffany, the girl with music in her heart.


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  • Sean Guidry Stanteen  says:

    wow. its amazing how many people got into this fandom summer 2012

    • Xeno  says:

      i know right so did i

    • the girl with music in her heart  says:

      yeah i know im surprised

  • Xeno  says:

    this story is my life exactly… except instead of a crooked leg i have a split spine and idont sing or write willingly and im a guy were exatly alike :D and im in junior high XD /)

    • the girl with music in her heart  says:

      yeah i noticed that we are

  • Cody White  says:

    u go girl brony 4 life :D

    • the girl with music in her heart  says:

      thanks :D

  • Elizabeth Madden  says:

    bronies for life

  • Funneh Cake  says:

    Im basically the fluttershy of my school

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