Thanks to MLP, Homast Now Has Many Friends

I made this picture and thought I’d tell you what makes me different since it’s not really something that can be shown. I’m autistic, when I was 9 I was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, this meant that I always found it hard to make friends. I am now 17 and thanks to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I now have a lot of friends and find it easier to stand people who would make fun of me.
Thanks to your song I now realize that just because I’m different it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing and I shouldn’t let it drag me down.
Thank you.
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3 comments to Thanks to MLP, Homast Now Has Many Friends

  • CedarWoods  says:

    I’m glad for you. Overcoming life’s challenges takes a lot of work, but it seems like you’re doing great.

  • CeliaCatspaw25  says:

    This post and this song spoke to me in more ways than one. I, too, have Asperger’s syndrome and I thought it was not okay to be different. When I watched “FiM” for the first time, and I saw Derpy, I found out that it was okay to be different, because there were bronies out there that felt exactly the same way I do.

    Excuse me while I go wipe away a tear of happiness and be embraced by all the different bronies that accept me.

    ~~Southern Belle

  • Rambold  says:

    I know how you feel, I also have Aspergers Syndrome, but with the help of the Fandom and the awesome Brony Community, all of the community helped me overcome my fear to make friends and now I got alot of friends who trust me, Thanks to MLP:FiM and the Brony Community.

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