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Being Different Isn’t Who I Am- It’s What I Do.


For me to explain what makes me different from anybody else is difficult, for I have not yet discovered myself as a whole yet. I have still much to learn, and many things may change.

But that being said, I am a caring person whose personal experiences have shaped my life for the better– even if I was outcasted for being different for most of my life...

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A Fight With Weight and Teasing

NathanSince I was young, I’ve been overweight (as you might see in the picture). This never became much of a problem until I hit middle school, that was when I started getting made fun of. I was harassed in PE, was made fun of for my creative Halloween costume (a more realistic version of Aladdin), and even had my shoes ridiculed (can you believe that?).

I thought things would look up when I moved on to high school with my friends; obviously I was wrong...

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