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The Happy One

Princess Dina


I live in Germany so my English is not very good, but I hope you can read what I wrote.

In my entire life, I felt useless although my name was “The Happy One”. (That is what my real name means in German.) All my classmates bullied me and called me many dirty names. I changed schools twice but every time I thought I was safe from the bullying, others started to make fun of me. They said I am not worth living and should kill myself. Even my own mother hated me...

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The Courage To Love a Friend

I never really thought my story would be relevant to anything until now. I didn’t think anyone would want to hear my side of things. I’ve been raised in a Christian home my whole life, (and I’m not saying Christians are bad, I’m still one of them,) it’s just that my parents are a bit extreme. My whole family for that matter. They’ve always viewed being gay as one of the most terrible things in the world. It killed me to think that my parents would think that about people...

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