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“Stay Gold, Bronyboy.”

I’ve always been unique and I know it. My name is ZacharyW, which is my YouTube account name. I am a soon to be author and have written many stories about my fictional universe. I am the smartest person I know. But I also suffer from Asperger’s disease which is a form of autism. Now I don’t want you to pity me for this. I actually see it as an improvement more then a disability.

What I mean is that having this form of Autism gives me a chance to see the world in ways no one will ever see it...

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Embodying the Elements

Hello there,

First I would like to express my feeling about the PMV, this really mentally touched me– it’s like me in a nutshell.

That’s because I never actually had a great past. I was born with bad eyes, already -11 / -12. I also appeared to be born with autism. It made my school days very difficult, because the first time I went to school, I already found myself being “different” than the other kids.

My parents were fighting as well...

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Thanks to MLP, Homast Now Has Many Friends

I made this picture and thought I’d tell you what makes me different since it’s not really something that can be shown. I’m autistic, when I was 9 I was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, this meant that I always found it hard to make friends. I am now 17 and thanks to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I now have a lot of friends and find it easier to stand people who would make fun of me.
Thanks to your song I now realize that just because I’m different it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad t...
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