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A True, True Friend

Growing up was not easy for me, at home and at school. I was made fun of at school for my ADHD, saying I was creepy for what my medicine made me do, and because I had so much trouble learning because I couldn’t concentrate. As well, I was made fun of for how naive I was growing up, and people using my name to make jokes into, and there was a lot of people who said they were my friends but only picked on me because of how naive I was...

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“To be myself, to not just assimilate”

A message I got from Jake about how bronies showed him that “being cool” isn’t the end-all-be-all~

I just wanted to send you this because your song has lit a candle in my soul that will never burn out.
I’m Jake, born with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder). I got bullied way back in fifth grade. I hated it, but I always tried to stick around to try for their approval and to be “cool” and “popular”. I got called names like “bighead” and “nutcase”...

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Being Different is What You Make Of It

RommelWhen I was about 4-5 years old, I was diagnosed with a moderate to severe form of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. This essentially meant that in most social situations, I exhibited unusual or spontaneous forms of behavior (such as cutting my hair with craft scissors in front of an entire classroom) and was unable to even maintain my attention to something for more than a minute...

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