Stepping Away From Being a Bully

Kevin sent me an email with a story that’s a bit different from others I received. While I received a lot of emails from folks who were bullied– I haven’t received many from those who did the bullying.

Kevin became a bully in elementary school, and only recently found the strength to be able to step away from what he calls “The Path of Vengeance”.

Dawn Seeker the unicornMy name is Kevin, AKA frostfang101.

My story begins way back when I was in elementary school. When I was in kindergarten, I met my first and most important friend. His name was Tucker. We thought we would be together forever, but before 6th grade he had to move. We were both devastated. I became so lost in a sea of faces that I found a door which should never be found: The door to the Vengeful Path. It seemed like a good idea to hide behind that door, so I opened it an dashed inside.

I didn’t like what I saw. I turned around to go back out, but to my horror the door had disappeared. So I had no choice but to walk the vengeful path. During that time I was short-tempered, all compassion had long since left me, and worst of all I enjoyed inflicting pain on others. I became a monster. For 16 years I walked that path. 16!!

Then one fateful day, I was listening to music and I saw this song. I immediately wondered what this was about. After listening I realized that tucker WILL always be with me. I also became a brony that day and for the first time since I could remember I found a fork in the road.

On one path I saw hate, selfishness, despair, rage, and self destruction. That was the Path of Vengeance. On the other path I saw what I longed for the most; joy, patience, compassion, love, tolerance, and healing. That was the Path of Forgiveness. I had to choose: the Path of Vengeance, which was all I ever knew or the Path of Forgiveness, which was all I ever longed for.

With slight difficulty, I chose the Path of Forgiveness. The moment I stepped onto that path I was horrified at how much anger and hate I had carried– but now I am a better person. I have almost infinite patience and lots of joy, not to mention compassion; and I owe it all to you and the Brony community that I am who I am today.



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12 comments to Stepping Away From Being a Bully

  • Zachary W  says:

    Good to see you step away. You have been given a second chance. I used to hate Bronies as well but here I am. The good choices aren’t the simple ones to make. You my friend made the right one.

    • frost fang  says:

      thank you it wasn’t easy my friend tucker was my rock and when he moved away i was lost and wanted to hid and once you step onto that path there is no going back only forward. for almost all my life all i knew was that path so when presented with a new path a major change it was hard to make that change thank you for viewing my story

    • Allison Theaker  says:

      Ive never been a bully but i have had a friend who moved away and i was heartbroken.keep on youre trail of forgiveness and always help

  • HyperDude  says:

    good to see ur now a kind loving person i have faith in u :P

  • ponymonmastr  says:

    ****!….that was pretty cool how you decided to walk the path of forgiveness. have you ever found your friend? if not then I hope that you do, I would just be heartbroken.

  • Aster Arwen-LaFountain  says:

    I’m sorry that the only door for you was the one to the Vengeful Path. But the amazing thing is, is that you escaped and you pulled yourself back into a place of forgiveness, love and kindness. Not many people can do this and so I commend you sir! I wish you could’ve seen your friend again, and maybe you will. Never give up hope :)

  • Austen Fogg  says:

    I too, walked your path, but in a different way. I was called stupid, ugly, retarded, and a whole bunch of other names.The teachers at my school seem to not give a buck, and I had no real friends that would defend me. The only real choice was to bully the bullies. I found no other way, but some I found Forest Rain’s song, I have devoted myself to being a nicer person in general. Thanks to you Forest Rain, for the song and thank you, Kevin, for the hope-lifting story of forgiveness. We only have one piece life, so live it well. Stay strong and remember to smile!

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