“Stay Gold, Bronyboy.”

I’ve always been unique and I know it. My name is ZacharyW, which is my YouTube account name. I am a soon to be author and have written many stories about my fictional universe. I am the smartest person I know. But I also suffer from Asperger’s disease which is a form of autism. Now I don’t want you to pity me for this. I actually see it as an improvement more then a disability.

What I mean is that having this form of Autism gives me a chance to see the world in ways no one will ever see it. Hard to believe I used to make fun of Bronies but yet here I am typing this. I used to also hate MLP. But then I found Derpy who reminded me of myself when I was younger when autism was worse and I was half as smart as I am now. Anyway so I discovered Derpy and then everything changed when I saw a few messages sent to Hasbro saying Derpy was offensive and Retarded. I was offended by that to the point I changed. Seems stupid I know but here’s why..

“It’s important to be different. If we weren’t then there wouldn’t be any difference between us and machines.”

I wrote that for one of my books.

What I’m trying to say is that we need to be different and I see the purpose of what you are trying to achieve here. Truth is I used to be picked on all the time growing up and one thing I learned. Who’s really the messed up one? The person with the disorder or different religion, different race, sexuality, or even ethnic belief? Or is it the one that stoops so low as to insult them for being unique?

I do not hate these haters, but there’s one thing Derpy taught me. Sure they may laugh at you and hate you. But there’s only one thing you can do. Stand up tall, brush off your shoulder, and keep doing your best. Since I became a Brony, I have actually enjoyed my life, all except for a laptop that constantly malfunctions. I have made new friends and I have made a couple new OCs to add to my army. Trust me, I have thousands of these guys. I know what it’s like to be picked on and pushed around all the time. If you need help, then feel free to contact me.

Oh yeah, one last thing: Forest, keep up the good work. I see how sites like these can take away the pain that we feel sometimes. You are perfect for this and I thank you for setting this up. There’s so much hate where there should be love and compassion.

Be different everypony and keep being yourself. After all it’s great to be different and be yourself when no one accepts you for who you are.

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  • Jared Dampf  says:

    My friend, you and I have the exact same mental “thing” as I call it. It has its ups and downs for me, being doubled with PTSD. I have lived my life the way you are now… but because of my past, I’ve hidden myself beneath it… hopefully, Forest will see my story and post it here…

    • Zachary W  says:

      Well to be honest I accidentally sent two different things to Forest. Hopefully he don’t get mad because my laptop hates me so it sent before I was finished. Ya so hopefully he doesn’t hate me for the redo. That or this one is for words of encouragement and the other one tells my story and what happened.

      Oops. Oh well what ever happens will happen for a reason.

      • Christina Erichou  says:

        I doubt he’ll get mad. He’s a really nice guy.

      • Justin Bailey  says:

        I kinda did same thing… I sent one in awhile ago but I was on a phone so it probably just looked extremely bad…

        Wrote up another one recently though and sent it in… I do hope Forest Rain would forgive me.

  • Silverstar  says:

    I have seen in myself lately that we rely heavily upon others. Whether it is subconsciously or knowingly. We seek reassurance in the people that surround us, because we do not find it in ourselves. But these people only disappoint, hurt us to the point of breaking down, creating a mistrust between any other person we meet. We shy away from these people because we see no good in them. Only worsening our self-esteem.
    Friends play an important role in our lives. They help us see the light within us. (Good show reference XD)

    • Justin Bailey  says:

      “From Womb to Tomb, we are bounds to others for our survival… The crimes and kindness you do to others is what your future will birth from.”

      A little quote I’ve heard once.

  • Jared Dampf  says:

    Aye, Silverstar. Your words speak true.

  • Zachary W  says:

    Oh great either it was this one or the second one I didn’t mean to submit. My laptop hates me. If you see the second one here’s what happened. I was trying to delete this one when my cat hit my mouse and it sent this one just as I started editing it. So if you don’t mind just ignore this one or the second one. Well this one’s already so ignore the second one.

  • Jared Dampf  says:

    It’s fine, lad. We all make mistakes! :)

  • Almanac  says:

    My names Craig. I live in England. I have Aspergus, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD, OCD, and Short-Term Memory Defecit. The way I see the world is strange and unique. I see patterns and connections where other people don’t, I cant do maths to save my life but I know every theory for Quantum Mechanics and can explain and understand them as easy as breathing. I have psychological abilities that allow me to read and understand peoples personalities and emotions by their mannerisms and dress and how they speak. I can tell life stories by looking at them, and I’m almost never wrong. I have a 139 IQ and a fantastic fiancé named Nathan. but I can’t hold down a job, and talking to people gets weird for me. Often I know things about them before they tell me and it unnerves people, and earn’t me a few enemies. Even though I have so much good in my life, it always feels like I’m behind a pane of glass, and everyone else is on the other side. The way I see the world and how I understand how things work…the world becomes self explanatory, the universe locks itself into my own realism. When I talk to them…they say I’m condescending, that I’m arrogant, and that I use big words and smart lingo to make them feel stupid, when really I just don’t know how else to speak. I don’t know how to reset my brain to see the world through their eyes where things aren’t as obvious as they are to me. I can read emotions and explain complicated situations, logic and reasoning ability means I’m great at debates and that makes me want to always give my 2 cents when someone’s wrong on something…and then apparently I’m being a smart-*** and putting people down. From the outside I’m seen to have so many pro’s, but little to no application of skills. I’m lazy, I can’t hold a job, I constantly make excuses to not do what I need to do and I always think I’m right. Even with what I have I often felt pathetic. I don’t know what I wanted to achieve by writing this to you…I don;t even know what to say really. It feels like anyone that reads this will just believe that I am arrogant and whatever…but I feel just so…disjointed from society, disjointed from life. Am I the only person that see’s the world like I see it? That see’s the obviousness? Or am I wrong. Am I just wrong and the world is right and what I think is right is really wrong. I think I just needed to type all this…and see what came of it. Sorry. I think what I’m saying is…I know its important to be different, but how different can you be before you stop feeling human.

    • Zachary W  says:

      Dear Craig

    • Zachary W  says:

      Ignore last comment system error again.
      Dear Caig

      • Zachary W  says:

        Stop glitching!!! Stupid machine! You know I’m just going to say it. Before this machine sends it again. Craig we all have differences and that is what makes us all unique. We all need to be different or we would all be machines and there would be no point in our lives. All because one suffers from mental disabilities does not make them useless and lazy. You just haven’t discovered your place yet so don’t get yourself down. A matter of fact I would hire you if I owned a company. You’re honest and that is something many people are not and that is a good quality. I can’t do math either and failed it in school this year so I need to retake this test to advance to the next stage of High School. You are not arrogant you speak your mind and that most people don’t understand but I do. After all I leave such long comments. Just do your best and no one will have the right to judge you. I’m a psychologist and I like to study the human mind and how people react to certain situations. A matter of fact I nearly gave up my entire fiction all because of one bad comment that said how my stories were useless and how they will not help me in life. But that person was wrong. My stories actually teach me new things every day even if I put the life lessons in there. What I’m trying to say is that we are all human. Feel free to contact me if you feel you need to talk to someone or just want to chat. My door is always open to all who need it even if they do not.

        • Justin Bailey  says:

          I know that pain of a bad machine… I’m currently stuck with a very old dell desktop and dial-up internet… Very annoying at times but I guess gotta make the best of my life!

  • Jared Dampf  says:

    Craig, my boy, we all see the world in our own way. Because of that, it doesn’t matter what the world itself says. We are right.

  • dashie72  says:

    I have the same thing Zachary. I was blessed with tremendous intelligence, but at the cost of social skills. However, I had one guy who was my friend. Ever since kindergarten, we had been friends; as we grew older he got new friends and I sorta became friends with them too. Then in 7th or 8th grade this other person just starts to follow me, annoying everyone. However he is a nice guy so I try not to be mean. Eventually he stops and I go back to sitting with my friends. However, everyday they move tables as though they were running. After a few days, I got the message. My best friend, who I had been friends with for 8-9 years just basically throws me into the proverbial mud because I’m not cool enough. After that, I sat alone at lunch for some time. In 9th grade I started sitting with a few others; more acquaintances than anything else. In my academic support class (a study where they refuse to let you do nothing most days), it was midterm times and I was arguing against the innumberable (3-6) haters (I had become a brony the past summer). Then some guy walks in and takes my side, and we become instant friends. A few days later, one of the haters decided he had an open mind and watched an episode. He instantly loved it, and became friends with us two. We got our own table, the brony table. My sad story had turned happy. And I just got my cutie mark. It’s a comet, my talent is astronomy. It stared me in the eyes for so long and yet I couldn’t see it ( when I made an oc a while ago, he had a comet cutie mark). Now I have found happiness from the despair of a year or two ago. I made my two friends ocs and my gf of nearly two years has one too, she was the only one who I considered to be a friend (until 9th grade) after 7/8th grade.

    • Zachary W  says:

      I guess I’m lucky having friends and family like mine. I have so much love in my life. I am a Christian in nature so I like all peoples. In truth revealing me being a Brony was difficult for my friends especially one who hates the series entirely. Ironically he was the first to know by accident and he fully supported me. My other friends found out later on and none of them hate me. I guess being a Brony is a good thing after all. Even though I have tons of friends I yet to have a GF :( Oh well good things come to those who wait. Anyway my official Ponysona Zap his cutie mark is actually a symbol from the universe. It’s the symbol of honor, kindness, and freedom. I’m actually proud of that Ponysona. I still have a hater that seems to be following me around for no apparent reason. Here recently he found me on Youtube and as been trying to get me down. Not by targeting me but targeting my OCs. My OCs are like my children so it tings a little but the guy obviously hates me for no reason other then the fact that I am different. It actually makes me chuckle. In a way he inspired me to share my kindness with those who are continually put down by people like him. Oh ya Derpy is still my favorite. Uh I feel like I’m ranting again. I hate it when I do that. I get off topic and I loose focus. But I think you can get the idea.

      • Cole Lewis  says:

        Dear Zachary,

        Your words inspired me to go on with my life, times are tough for I have asperger’s as well (Excuse my spelling I am irish) I was always picked on in elementary and middle school, just because I like my little pony, I appreciate you being so kind to everyone else, and I wish you good luck along your path, I swear, thank you for being such a good person.

        Many thanks,

  • Featherloft Wing  says:

    I have Asperger’s, too, and after discovering the song, I listen to it whenever I feel down. It’s to let myself I’m not alone in being accepted by the world. I still fear being rejected in the world. I know your struggle. I still have the fear. *brohoofs* I’m here for ya, man! Just talk to me!

    • Justin Bailey  says:

      This song is also a song I listen when I feel down… My 3rd favorite song ever and the other two songs on my top 3 I listen to as well when I feel down. Them being The Who’s Behind Blue Eyes and PrinceWhateverer’s Between Fairytales and Happy Endings.

      • Zachary W  says:

        Now Between Fairytales and Happy Endings was my first PMV. Still need to go through and redo it for technical issues but it’s still my most popular even-though my one hater is the only one this disliked it. Ignore his comments he just hates everything about Bronies.

        I am actually working on a Great to be Different PMV in SFM but I yet to get a reply from Forest and I sent a request a month ago. Guess that’s either a good or bad sign. But Forest is a cool guy so I think he’ll approve.

  • Justin Bailey  says:

    I have the same disorder but I like it… It is who I am and I’m proud about it.

    And you basicly explained my own reaction to what they did to Derpy and even how I look at her… I feel like hugging you now cause most bronies I know don’t understand my love for Derpy…

  • Caitie B.  says:

    I have the same disorder.
    It is amazing to see the world differently.

  • Brony Gamer 198  says:

    I am bronygamer198, which is my youtube channel, and I have Asperger’s too. A few times in my life I have come to the point of contemplating suicide, but listening to the song by BronyDanceParty really helped me to feel better about who I am. Nobody can change who I really am, and as the title says, it really is great to be different!

    • Zachary W  says:

      Dear Brony Gamer 198

      I know some days are tough and it isn’t easy if people aren’t there to support you. I know because I’ve been down that road once and nearly made a mistake that would ruin my life forever. I nearly destroyed the universe I created all because of one comment. Now this is the funny thing. My universe has made my name well known around my hometown and I have been given lots of good comments about it. But I nearly gave it all away because of a single bad comment. That single comment taught me a life lesson that’ll stay with me for the rest of my life.

      It doesn’t matter if someone hates you or tries to bring you down. All you need to succeed in life is to believe in yourself. Now this sounds like I’m just kidding around but I’m not. All you need to succeed in life is to simple believe in yourself when no one else does.

      If it helps when I started making stories or even my youtube account I had no one. No one to believe in me but that didn’t matter because I knew that I was going to do something great no matter what it was as long as I knew this is what I wanted to do with my life. One of the things now is to help teens with depression since I was there once and copped with it myself.

      What I’m trying to say is keep being different and if someone hates you for it just brush off your shoulder and keep walking because they are one in a million that will never succeed because of their hatred towards different people.

      Keep being yourself no matter what happens.


  • Mustang De man  says:

    im amazed by this guy. it just shows how much a person is able to do if he believes..

  • Damian274  says:

    i as well Aspergers and i use to make fun of bronies so it is weird that i’m now doing this but when i think about it when i first went to a new school that was much bigger then the other school i was in and it was my second time in public school and i was in 10th grade at that time i was always homeschooled anyway i now realize that all of my friends they were bronies and i was able to get along better
    with them then anyone else. and i have something to say to people who hate others for being different. think about Abraham Lincoln he was different he was really tall and he abolished slavery and he was different i say people who are different
    are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephanie Akridge  says:

    I have Aspergers as well and work among people in the disabled community who are let’s just say not as fortunate to have had the kind of support that I have had in my lifetime and outside of work, I hang out or talk to people who most consider “normal”. Recently, this made me question myself ‘what does that make me? Semi-normal?…Half-Autistic? neither of those things make sense!’ So what am I and why was I there at that job? It didn’t dawn on me until the last day of my old job that maybe i was there to be an example of what my co-workers could aim for if given a chance. After all, I have my own apartment, I pay my own bills, I take public transportation to places I need to go. A lot is expected of me. And I think that’s why many of my co-workers could have been uneasy at me at the beginning b/c here I was, I knew some things already but social interactions didn’t come to me so easy (still don’t. Must be the AS) I took offense to things most of my co workers saw as humorous (and having a supervisor fuel the fire by piling on the jokes didn’t help either) but after seeing the “Great to be different” Music video, it hit me that these people I work with may not understand things the same way that I do and see things from a totally different perspective (even if it sounds like they’re laughing at something that sounded like a joke about AS) this is something that’s really hard to grasp for me since I spent most of my life in a mainstreamed environment where the only special needs people you saw were people on your own level (and that’s where my comfort zone usually is socially ironically enough considering I was bullied as a kid.) but I think with some time, I could make progress.

  • Adam Keighley  says:

    I also have Aspergers and as a result I’ve always felt different.
    Eventually, I just learned not to give a single f*** what anyone else thinks of me

  • Phil Miles  says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. I love it!
    Also, I just started High School, and I’m in ROTC. When they found out that I 1.)Am a Brony, 2.)Draw really well, and 3.) Wear a nice leather jacket, my nickname soon became “Ponyboy!”

    • Mikuru Badeaux  says:

      “The outsiders” pun. like it lol great movie, too. do you draw MLP as anime? or as it is drawn in the show? i do both

  • Mikuru Badeaux  says:

    I have aspergers disease too. It has made learning difficult for me. difficult, but not impossible. For the better part of my life, I faced a series of let downs, depressions, heartaches…. You name it, it’s most liekly happend to me. but 3 years ago, i discovered MLP:FiM… Hard to believe that a TV show has made a bigger impact on my life than most real people have. i’m picked on for being a brony, but i grit my teeth and push through. I have a GF who thinks the world of me and awesome friends too, so i keep on going on for her and them. when i heared this song, i knew that my role in life was to be different. To be not as mathmatically smart as other kids my age (17 years old). To be a random, goofey, male human incarnation of pinkie pie with a tad fluttershy and dashie thrown in the mix. but even though things get hard for me, i look to my bronies to help me out cause we’re the coolest people anyone could ever meet and we know a friend in need is a friend indeed

  • ScoobySanka  says:

    Asperger’s isn’t a disease.i have asperger’s myself and yes it makes somethings harder sometimes but remember we just think in a differend way. and that makes us unique ,also Albert Enstein had autisme.btw if anyone needs somebody to talk to im all ears

    greetz ScoobySanka

  • Missing Piece  says:

    Having Autism is not easy to handle. Trust me. I got PDD and it’s like the good kind.

    I have an Autistic friend who struggles a lot because of having trouble using words and such. And Im autistic too.

    Btw, the title “Stay Gold, Bronyboy” is like a reference to The Outsiders, right? Cause I’ve read it and it was interesting. I like that novel and the movie. :)

    Btw I draw a lot but I try to do ponies but I fail. -_- I try to write and I roleplay a lot.

  • Aimee  says:

    Hi, Zachary, my name is Aimee, I have Aspergers too. I’m glad to be finding people that are similar to me, and I’m also planning on being a writer, as well. I am very proud of who I am, and I’m glad others are too.

  • Prismatic  says:

    I dunno. As someone who’s lived with a person with Autism for 25+ years, the motto of ‘being yourself’ has literally destroyed 90% of my own personal existence, motivations, goals and sanity. However, I don’t necessarily agree that folks saying having ASD is a good thing, but it really depends on whether or not they bothered to address issues like diet (those who have ASD may be ingested gluten in which they are 110% allergic to, sugars, etc.) and whether or not once they’ve exhausted all those options that it’s a manageable type.

    Not including the fact that a person with Aspergers who has assisted individuals with trying to remove me from certain sections of the fandom.

    I still mostly believe those who openly come to grips are they kind that are lovable, fun to hang around and for the most part able to work around their issues. Mostly the kind that try to ignore it, force it out, end up running over me and a few others as well, haha.

    tl;dr “It’s OK to be yourself as long as it isn’t at the expense of other people.”

  • ZaplyX .  says:

    wow, i wish i could see the world from your side personally im just walking around deppresed all the time not knowing what to do and when to do anything i go to a diffrent kind of school because im really late in my grades and subjects because i didnt like my other school cus i felt bullied :( and i found this site today and it made me happier today ^^ especaly now at late eveening when im really confused and not my self at all for some reason .-.

  • Spiral Galaxy  says:

    This was really empowering, I would definetly read one, or all, of your books as this story was extremely well written. I have never had to deal with heavy bullying but i have stood beside friends who were totured daily by the words of others, I just want you to know that you are a strong and inspiring person. :)

  • Brayden Lera  says:

    I have the same mental disability as you. It’s got it’s ups and downs but what I see is I does few good things, I see the world like nopony else. Then the major down side is I get depressed very easily and it lasts a while. I’m 17 and it’s suck having Aspergers.

  • TRicky  says:

    Oh my gosh, ur such a nice person! I was really touched by what u said.

  • dom dimailo  says:

    i have asspergers to but i dont let it bring me down of going to austintown schools.

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