So There’s That… Adventures in Transgendering

Dante from "So There's That..."

Dante from “So There’s That…”

Recently, I was invited to be interviewed on an LGBT podcast named “So There’s That… Adventures in Transgendering” that has been growing like a storm and featured on iTunes in the UK. On it, I discussed my personal experiences and thoughts as a transgender person, as well as my music and Great to be Different.

If you’ve been wondering what it’s like to be a transgender person, or are interested in LGBT topics, you should definitely check out this podcast. Dante (pictured) and Dig are absolutely awesome people running a very laid-back and positive show.

Oh, and they (along with Dante’s brother Michael) make a mean salsa. ;p

You can check out my episode here: Episode 009: Our First Guest… Rain, Forest Rain


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  • spectic boom  says:

    Its funny we just had a thing at our school about transgender as I run across it, I took a video of it if any one wishes to watch it

  • Herbowend  says:

    Hey I mean if your happy in your body more power to you to be honest.

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