Saved From Darkness

Just wanted to share a heartwarming letter I got from Josh, from North Carolina:



Hello, my name is Joshua. I am a twenty three year old brony from NC, and even though I know this was meant for participants of your project, I thought I just had to let you know. You are my hero.

I won’t bore you with any long drawn out stories, but I want you to know that I haven’t exactly had an easy life. I’ve never felt as if I’ve really fit in anywhere, always masking who I truly am, just to impress others and fit in. Even when trying my hardest though, I was still made fun of as the “target” for many peoples anger. I’m not really sure when exactly, but eventually I gave up and stopped caring, about everything. I have since been trapped in one continuous, ever harder to escape, spiral of tragedy and hopelessness.

The day I discovered MLP:FIM was a day I’ll never forget, only to be shadowed by the day I found your song. What can I say, I heard it and immediately began to feel tears streaming down my face, your song had done something impossible, it had reminded me of something I’d long forgot:

The approval of others means nothing, if you do not approve of yourself.

Even now I am listening to your song, tears staining my face, as I realize that I can only truly be myself. I just wanted to say thank you; because of you & your song, I have slowly begun to bring back the real me. Your words have helped me grab hold to a ledge I long thought had slipped my grasp, and I will hold on for dear life, as I drag myself back into the light and cast aside this shell that has caused me such sorrow.

In all, I am no longer afraid to be different. I am no longer afraid to be exactly who I am: a twenty three year old brony named Josh… who was saved from darkness by your song.

God bless you, and thank you again.


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