Panda and Jojo

My name is Echo Ecstasy, and my pony’s name is Panda. Me and Panda share a lot together: her and I are both adopted; her and I share the love of music and art; and her and I both love being creative and outgoing… for the most part.

Even though she is a small character I had created, I’ve made her to be my best friend… my only friend. My entire life I was an outcast. I had tried to be like the others and every time I would get beaten down for it. The reason I’m so different is because at a young age I had a lot of health problems… I would get seizures and “mental” attacks that would leave me on the floor crying in pain… I wasn’t very strong and I’m not very pretty– not to mention I am not very smart. Every year I would miss at least one month of school to go to the hospital for testing, and still to this day I am very ill. I had broken many bones and I am frail and weak, and frankly, an easy target for most bullies. Once I hit high school, I promised myself I’d try to be different… be one of the “in” crowd… but things didn’t turn out. I ended up in the wrong crowd and next thing I knew… I was being pushed in front of a moving truck for their fun… that was 2 years ago.

I am 17 now, and life still hasn’t been looking up for me… but just recently I had received a letter at a convention I went to alone. This was the second time I had gone to a convention and I had not dressed but I was in a wheel chair because of a few broken bones. I was walking down a hall of panels and a person in an Assassins Creed doctor outfit stopped me, handed me an unmarked letter and ran off to join a group. I was worried about what it might say… but I sucked it up and looked anyways. The letter read as follows:

“Dear Pinkie Pie Girl,”

(I had dyed my hair pink hoping to kind of resemble Pinkie Pie)

“I saw you going around the convention and you didn’t look like you were having a very good time. I hope you don’t mind me asking, but would you like to come to a panel with me and some of my friends? I want you to be able to have as much joy as we are having. If so, please meet us in Hall F in 30 minutes.”

Again, I was worried to meet them but I did as the letter told me to and wheeled myself to Hall F. I sat there for 15 minutes, praying to Celestia that this wasn’t some horrible prank like people had often played on me. I wheeled myself to the corner and waited… and waited… I waited until it was almost 40 minutes. They were 10 minutes late and my heart began to sink. I slowly started moving in to the busy crowd when someone grabbed the back of my wheelchair and stopped me. It wasn’t the doctor who gave me the letter so i was a bit frightened… but nonetheless I turned around and sat quietly. It was a handsome male who looked just a little older then I, and his exact words were, and I remember this because it brought tears to my eyes–

“I’m sorry I’m late. There’s no longer a need for you to be alone now.”

Those words shocked my heart, and my eyes. Soon after he said them, I started crying, and he hugged me. Later I found out it was the doctor, but without his costume on. For the rest of the 3 days of the convention, I spent time with the boy and his friends. His name was Jojo, and after the convention I still kept in contact, and right now he and I are in a serious relationship.

Today, I saw BronyDanceParty’s music video for this website and I couldn’t stop crying. I’m so thankful that I met all these amazing people and am able to hold so many warm hearts. And because of meeting him, I met so many bronies and non-bronies alike, and every one has helped me change. I no longer have problems at school because a lot of my friends help me with tutoring. I have support when I go to the hospital, and they even come to visit me a lot.

For all of you who think you’re worthless and nothing more– I see you’re not looking hard enough. There is a rare gem in all of us, and no matter what, it’ll be there to shine one day when you find the right person– or even just a group of people– or even yourself. Just never give up. :’)

I still love Panda, and still think of her as my number one friend, but she respects my new-found love in friendships!

Panda and Jojo

This picture was drawn by a now very close friend of me and Jojo’s, and it’s of Panda (on the right) and Jojo (on the left).

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  • Darkeh  says:

    This has brought me to tears. Not sad tears but happy ones. I’ve been through a very similar situation and I know for a fact just how much it counts to not give up. It makes me happy to see someone else coming out of a tough situation with such high values. :) You go girl!

  • PlaysWell  says:

    I have some very specific advice. Look into going to Wright State University. It is usually considered the most accessible university in the country. Not only will the school be a place that understands and has facilities for all your needs, there will be many potential friends there who have similar problems or people who can see great it is that you are different just the way you are.

  • HyperDude  says:

    omg i am so happy for u and im so sorry about ur teasing wel dont worry ur worth more than them bullies and i hope ur illness will get better soon signed.HyperDude

  • Luis Garzon  says:
    i was listening to this while reading your story and…..i think i flooded my room by 4 1/2 feet of tears and i hope that your relationship stay strong as crystals

  • Funneh Cake  says:

    OMG this was so nice. I hope your friendship stays strong

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