New Things Are On The Horizon

As you heard in the video, I, Zeta Prime will be taking over managing Forest Rain will be taking a more minor role, but still involved in the website. I have some big ideas for the website. For example, I want to make the website more interactive, and give more reasons to frequent the website. I would also like to hear from all of you who currently visit the site, and what you all would like from the site? Would you like a chat room? A forum? Please, post in the comment section below everything you’d like to see from GtbD in the future. GtbD is not dead, it will continue! Please feel free to continue sending in all your stories, videos, music, and pictures.

I plan for regular postings and updates to the website to begin November 25th. Till then, this is Zeta Prime signing off!

7 comments to New Things Are On The Horizon

  • Frederick Ward  says:

    I would love a chat room ^w^

  • Justin Bailey  says:

    Hm… I’m just hoping that emails that was previous sent to submit stories are still there and will be used.

    As what I want to see? I would love to see all sorts of stuff. Chatrooms, forums, etc… I guess we’ll have to wait and see what ya do.

    • Forest Rain  says:

      All those emails are still saved, and will still be seen on this site. There’s quite a backlog to work through, but I’m confident that we’ll see most all of them in time! ^.^


  • the girl with music in her heart  says:

    The chat room sounds like a awesome idea. I will be glad to see this site updated more often since I loved this site since it first came up. I love reading everyones story. Even rereading my own story to reminding myself about it. Maybe you should do something showing popular stories or something like that.

  • Reactor33  says:

    I’d like to have a chatroom. That would be pretty neat ^^

  • TRicky  says:

    Q and A with Forest Rain. ^w^

  • Alkaline Brony  says:

    Q&A Section for Forest, A chat room, and maybe a page for charities and/or live-stream events would be nice :D Thanks for asking. (Sorry I am late to the post :/)

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