Mailmare For The Day

Tazzlez60 was inspired by “Great to be Different” to go and leave notes around her city, and she documented the entire experience on video for us! Check it out!

— Forest

7 comments to Mailmare For The Day

  • Brony Bob  says:

    This is amazing

  • Icicle Drop  says:

    Could you somehow post a like to the pages you left. I would love to do the same in my school. You are a big inspiration for a positive movement in my school, thanks!

    • Icicle Drop  says:

      Link I mean, I suck at spelling that’s my problem. :P

  • HyperDude  says:

    OMG im so proud of u and i hope the people who took a letter was happy while they read it and after they read it keep going @:

  • CedarWoods  says:

    What a fabulous idea. Good for you.

  • izak425  says:

    Definitely going to do that!!! I might post it here but other wise check out my tube channel, TheHolyIzak4. If you google it it pops right up! Great idea! I’ll try to do it soon! IZAK OFF!!! ‘Slam’

  • Den_drummer MC  says:

    This inspired me to do almost the same (I’m going to use a QR code :P), I doubt that I will be able to film it though. I’ll submit the story when it’s done :3
    (and if I did film it, I’ll submit the cideo too off course :P)

    (also: omg, late reply compared to the others here… lol)

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