Letters That Inspire

I got this letter from Brandon a little while ago. Yet another brony picks up a pen and spreads letters of kindness! I have to say, if there’s going to be a trend– this is a fantastic one! ^.^

The subject was entitled “What Forest and Starborne inspired me to do”.

— Forest

You guys inspired me through your music and stories. So much so that I had been wanting to do something kind for people – I mean I already pick up litter and hold doors open and that sort of thing, but this time I really wanted to make everyone feel great… I wanted to inspire others and help others. So I wrote 45 letters in a very similar fashion to Starborne and filled them with inspirational words and compliments. I walked around town for about 4 hours passing them out to people who looked like they could use one as well as people that could very well be hiding away sad feelings. Next weekend I plan on doing the same, but maybe ask some shop owners if I can post some posters around too. ^_^ Anyway, just wanted to tell you, thanks for everything you two have done!

By the way, I’m a proud pagan, pansexual brony with hyper sensitive skin. :)


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