Being Different Isn’t Who I Am- It’s What I Do.


For me to explain what makes me different from anybody else is difficult, for I have not yet discovered myself as a whole yet. I have still much to learn, and many things may change.

But that being said, I am a caring person whose personal experiences have shaped my life for the better– even if I was outcasted for being different for most of my life. Maybe it was because people were scared of me for doing things that weren’t normal, or because people need someone to take the blame on things… and I was an easy target.

But even though they shunned me, abandoned me, and tormented me in my childhood, I still gave them the love and respect that I think everybody deserves because I knew how painful it was for being outcasted for being you. And I do not blame them for their ignorance. Being alone is painful and depressing, but I stayed strong, even when I did not want to, for a brighter future and the good of everybody.

I’m a sensible flamboyant male who is shy and often introverted. I have interests in theoretical sciences and My Little Pony. What makes me different isn’t who I am– but it’s what I do. Because on the outside it doesn’t matter, it’s what I do that defines me as a person, and I will always put other people’s feelings ahead of my own.

Everybody is different, because none of us has lived the same life. We may have common traits, or interests, but nobody can say to have been you– only you. Which is why I love “It’s Great to be Different”. It tells us we shouldn’t be doing things because other people are doing them. We should be doing things because it’s who we are and what we like. And there is nothing wrong with that. Which is what I have been wanting for everybody to understand for all of my life– so that even if I was different, it was okay– that there was nothing wrong with me.

Pardon me if my English is broken, for it is not my native tongue. I was born to a French culture, and I have minor difficulties expressing my feelings in another language, and I hope you all have understood what I was trying to say…


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