How great and special you are

Hello, my name is Jesse, but I mainly go by the name of Arkanium.Arkanium

The first day of my social life at school wasn’t much of a success as I couldn’t communicate with the others. I would usually stay in one spot and be quiet and alone for the whole day. Everyone around me would avoid me and call me a “Demon’s Monster” behind my back. This really made me sad and angry.

When I got to my 4th year of school, aged 8, I started to get bullied both physically and verbally. Everyone still avoided me and a lot would torment me because of how I acted around everyone. At this stage it didn’t really bother me that much because I was still new to everything. The next year I changed schools and after a couple of weeks I would start to get bullied again.

At Intermediate, aged 11, I tried to friend some people. This didn’t work very well as I didn’t know what to do or say so the other people started mocking me for it. It started to spread around the school about me, then all of a sudden all the kids and some teachers started bullying me. This made me very annoyed and almost made me go into suicide.

But then I came across the show MLP:FIM, this made me have a new look on life and made me very happy. The only thing is was that everyone would mock me further for liking this and no one ever believes me for anything I say. I started to try to hide this from everyone and started to hide my own feelings from myself. My second year of intermediate wasn’t well because a lot of my secrets were revealed by brutal force and this lead me to a great deal of depression and nearly into suicide again.

When the second year was over and I was preparing for High School, I realized that I had no feeling for pain and became immune to the bullying. When the first year started of High School, on the first day I was immediately mocked and bullied. This happened every day since until my anger got the better of me. Right in the middle of being bullied I decided to fight back and that just left a much larger hole in my heart than the bullying itself.

Before I could do too much harm to the bullies or myself, a girl came in and pulled me away from the bullies. This girl was really sweet, nice and the first person I could actually trust. We became great friends and she started to protect and guide me for the rest of the year. I started to reveal little things about me and started to know how great it was to have someone who believes and trusts you.

Sadly I had to leave her because I was moved to another school. This made me very depressed and I had no way of contacting her again. The second year ended up being the same as the first year but I knew that I don’t need those people in my life. Then, I heard the song of “It’s Great To Be Different” on my birthday, one month after it was released on YouTube. This made me realize that I am someone who I want to be and I am special in the way I am. This made me very happy and I didn’t want to change myself.

At the moment I am 15 and finished my Second year of High School, I have about seven friends in total and that is just enough for me.

I would like to thank you for having this song to realize who I am and how special it is to be yourself.

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  • the girl with music in her heart  says:

    This is a great story. I love looking at all these stories. Im glad that you made a good friend before you had to move. I only have a few people I consider friends and to me quality is better than quantity.

  • starheart  says:

    I would just like to tell you to keep on living your life. Like the video said, just accept yourself, you’re you, someone made for this world. You have a purpose, lest you wouldn’t be here. Live your purpose, and spread some love and tolerance /)

  • fernando bello  says:

    I’m so glad u were able to make it though all of that, one of my friend is going though the same thing, and I’m doing everything I can too help her

  • Alterbix  says:

    is good to see that things are getting better for you, sadly im still in some troubles about myself and my way of thinking about the world, well story for someday

  • Shadow_Bolt  says:

    Your an exellent person dont let enyone tell u different

  • Googlenations  says:

    Teachers even bullied you? I hope they got fired! It really shows that bullying has a big impact on people I’ve been bullied but i don’t think its big enough for a story.

  • jazzie366  says:

    Would it be weird if we are the same age, VERY similar life story, found MLP in the same way (only difference is i didn’t admit it), found the video and had same reaction 1 day before my birthday, fought with bullies and had a friend come to save me who was a girl as well, moved away from school and was bullied by teachers, and i have thought about suicide, but now i am so happy in life!? Amazing story though, well said.

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