Good Friends Know What’s Best

Hello, Forest Rain.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Brian. I just heard your song thanks to Equestria Daily and I was extremely touched by it. I saw your site and I knew that I just had to submit my own story to you. It’s a fairly common story, one about bullying, but one that I hope will help inspire those in the future that take the time to read it.

Currently, I am an 18 year old student who just recently graduated from high school. My story starts back in 7th grade where my bullying issues really got bad. I have been bullied on and off ever since elementary school but in middle school, during 7th grade, is when things really started getting bad. I was constantly viewed as a nerd and as someone who was extremely weak, which I was to a point. The two primary bullies picked me out as the easy target and I would not only be verbally abused but also at times, physically abused. I would experience them constantly throwing things at me while I ride home on the bus or they would sit behind me just so they get the opportunity to slap me on the back of the head repeatedly as hard as they could. I was too intimidated to do anything about it and I hid my problems from the world, despite the fact that I was crying most of the time. I did have some friends but none of them would lift a finger to help me stand up to them. My parents were also less than supportive which slowly got worse as the years went on. Eventually, one day, I would snap and I would get into a fight with one of the bullies which I lost horribly and I nearly was knocked out during the encounter.

Coming up to my 9th grade year in high school, my life slowly progressed to becoming dark and lonely. I slowly became suicidal and I began to really hate the world. While I was at a new school and I was away from the bullies, my parents had grown considerably more strict and not only that, began to verbally insult me constantly. With my already fragile emotional state, I did not take it very well. I felt as I was trapped in a box and there was no one to turn too. I was even away from all my other friends, all who went to different schools. I was facing some new life changes, such as a baby brother on the way, and I began to shut off myself from the world, hoping to shield myself from the pain that I kept receiving. One day, I snapped again and I posted a suicide note on Facebook, stating my intentions to end my own life. I received some response from some people, none which really helped. Some were simply surprised but did not take the message seriously. Some simply thought it was a joke. Only one, my best friend and at the time, my crush, Sarah, took action. She called me up that night, not even an hour after the message was up, and talked to me. Despite nearly breaking into tears herself, she managed to remain composed and talked me down.

Two days later, I was sitting in class when I found out exactly how much action she would take. I was called out by the vice-principle of the school and I was forced to go talk to her in her office. It turned out that my school KNEW about my message. How, I didn’t know yet. I broke down and I confessed everything to the vice-principle. I later had to tell the story to a police officer and tell the story to a paramedic. Because of the laws in my state, I had to be sent to a hospital to be evaluated and receive treatment. Well, I was sent there and after a couple of calls to my friends, Sarah told me that she was the one that called my school. She was the one that cared enough to make sure I was well.

So, I went through the treatment. And before long, my world began to change. I’ve began to take control of my life instead of letting others control it for me. I began to study martial arts in order to help prevent incidents from bullies. I’ve accepted my title of “nerd”, a title which is usually given to people who are sometimes smart or excel extremely well at school or in other cases, for people who enjoy sci-fi such as Star Trek. Well, that is who I am and I learned that there is no reason to hide my true self. However, I would have never discovered these revelations without the help of my friend, Sarah, who stood by me through it all. To this day, I still credit her with saving my life. If she had not been there, I would not be here writing this right now. Now, I’m preparing to move on to college, looking forward for the road ahead. I still keep in touch with Sarah who is still, without a doubt, one of my best friends and there’s no way I’m ever going to forget what she did for me.

So, that’s my story. It’s been a very long journey but one that has taught me much, both good and bad things about life. But with my new friends, My Little Pony, and my martial arts, I am ready to tackle the road ahead and live my life to the fullest. It is certainly great to be different!


6 comments to Good Friends Know What’s Best

  • Amity  says:

    you’re so amazing and so brave dont let anyone tell you otherwise. hang in there we <3 you

  • Vinyl Scratch  says:

    Hold in there we love you

  • ferniz benítez  says:

    Life was hard for me to. i was bullied since 4th grade to till 7th grade. And now i am a freshman and i am not bullied any more. I hope u will make the right choices and i will be praying for u.

  • BlazingWubs  says:

    I know how you feel.

  • anna flantua  says:

    At least your school did something. My school believes in a ” bully free environment ” yet when I told the principle about how I was getting bullied he said” why are you telling me this? “. ♥

  • Phillip Loveland  says:

    When you take your own life, you are leaving behind people who love you enough to follow you. Even if you don’t know anyone or love anyone yet, you are depriving them of the opportunity to know you at all. Which, in my book, is the worst thing someone can do to someone else.

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