The Mighty Michael Stream is Ongoing!


The 24-hour livestream benefiting Michael Morones and his family kicked off just 4 hours ago, and is ongoing!

Tara Strong joined the stream right off the bat with some very inspiring words, serving as a true role-model to this community. She brought up the fact that if you’re being bullied– it is not your fault. The fact that someone is bullying you has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with the bully having a sad need to try to find power in their life by demeaning or hurting others.

There are a ton of other fantastic guests coming up on the stream, and you can see the full schedule HERE. Tune in, and donate if you can! If you can’t– spread the word!

Click here to tune in.

Also, we’ve received some amazing words from members of Michael’s family. Michael’s uncle, Benymol, said this:

“I’ve been a brony since season one. Michael got into it after season 2. We have been trying to tell the family how awesome the fandom is, and they never really believed us. Now they are 1000% pro-MLP. They are asking me to show them everything about the show and fandom. Even within my family the show and fans have brought us all together. Then, seeing how much you are all doing for us, even though the only thing we have in common is the show– is so amazing. English doesn’t work to describe the way this make us all feel– not just me, but my entire family. I cant wait for Michael to wake up and see all of this…”

And Michael’s step-dad, Shannon, asked us to share this:

“Please make sure people understand the negative comments about this being fake, or people saying we are ‘inflating’ the situation are upsetting to his mom and I. We understand how cautious people have to be. This is absolutely real, and so are the plans we are making to turn the generosity people are showing us into something that will not only keep donations going to other charities, but allow us to change the way we look at and handle the policies around bullying. That, along with Michael’s faith and his amazing ability to offer anyone and everyone forgiveness and compassion. Michael’s life will be forever changed by this, and we plan to change everyone else’s life as well. Friendship really is magic. We love all of you so much!

Our goal with this is to take all the support, financial and emotional to allow us to take Michael and his message to every con, festival, school or other public venue that will have us. I also hope to meet everyone that has helped us and continues to do so in person one day.

We love you all more than words can express!”

It’s words like these that make it all worth it. All the work we’ve put into preparing this stream over the last few days is incomparable to the pain and tragedy that has befallen this family, and the fact that they’re looking at ways of improving the state of other kid’s lives, and working to combat bullying is absolutely inspiring.

Thank you, Morones Family, for being so strong and inspiring during a very tough time.

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    I realize I’m a little late but I only discovered this site today, can I still donate?

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