For Michael

Hi folks, Forest Rain here with some sad news and an important announcement.

Michael Morones

Very recently, we learned that an 11-year-old boy named Michael Morones attempted to take his own life as a result of bullying on account of being a brony. While the attempt was, thankfully, not successful– Michael has been left with severe brain damage, and his family has been left with the medical expenses. His family has reached out to the brony community for help with these medical expenses, and we are responding as only the brony fandom can!

There are a ton of charity folk, community VA’s, musicians, and noted personalities within the brony community that are coming together to produce a 24-hour charity livestream this upcoming weekend (February 1st & 2nd), from 6PM EST Saturday until 6PM EST Sunday.

For Michael

Currently confirmed guests include: Cyril the Wolf, D-Pad, Dusty Katt, Emily Jones, Foaly, Forest Rain, Jade / Haybuck, Joanna Blackheart / MyLittleDashie, Nowacking, PK, PonyToast, and Purple Tinker.

Also, if you can make it to San Francisco for BABSCon:  for the duration of the livestream, the first $75 of any membership bought for BABSCon is going directly to the fundraiser. (This means if you buy a regular membership to the convention, all of your money is going towards a good cause!) Head over to this weekend during the stream.

Finally, the Goldie Awards (Academy of Brony Arts and Science) are instituting a new category in honour of Michael called the “Generosity Award”. The brony who donates the most to help Michael’s family will have their name associated with the award (for example, “the John Smith Award for Generosity.”)

Further details on the livestream will be found at— which should be going live before the end of the week. Keep checking back for updates.

If you feel the urge to donate now, EileMonte has setup a Recovery Fund for Michael and his family at GoFundMe, which you can find here:

Michael Morones Recovery Fund


Let’s all come together this weekend to help out this family– For Michael.

If you are a victim of bullying, you’re not alone. You have a fantastic community around you that will help support you. Don’t be afraid to talk, share your stories, or ask for help.

If you’re contemplating suicide, find someone to talk to now!

In the US, you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline online or by phone at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

In Canada, you can contact the Kids Help Phone online or by phone at 1-800-668-6868.


13 comments to For Michael

  • frost fang  says:

    i wish i could come but i don’t have the money and i live all the way in greatfalls Montana

    • Nightshade  says:

      Its at times like these when the Brony community really make me feel proud to be part of the herd.

  • blusgaming picks  says:

    this is why the bronies are wesome, when someone needs help, we help them out

  • Justin Bailey  says:

    Events like this makes me cry… I hope for the best for the family!

  • Jordin Bryant  says:

    Best wishes for Michael and his family. We will always welcome you as one of us Michael. We are here for you my friend.

  • Jack Holt  says:

    Hope for the best. I hope things work out for the family and stuff. My friends in NY and NJ are praying for you Mike.

  • Mixer Mina  says:

    I heard about this, and my cousin did the same thing… i feel sorry for that poor boy, i’ll do everything in my power to help him… but sense i have no horn or magic…. all i can do it try the best i can, and cheer him on :)

  • Blue slush  says:

    I used to cut and I thought it was the only answer but it’s not please don’t cut I’m not proud of what I’ve done to my body

  • Alkaline Brony  says:

    I wish i could have gone and/or donated to this. Stay strong Michael, we all are looking forward to the news on your recovery.

  • vaporeon19 .  says:

    Michael you can live I have I actually felt the same way a lot but the show keeps me going

  • vaporeon19 .  says:

    I can’t drive or I would have gone to the event

  • Elizabeth Madden  says:

    never give up Michael and also i wish i could of heard about this sooner and yeah.

  • Allison Theaker  says:

    michaele i wish i could of come but….this is 2018 in my time….sorry i just joined the group :3

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