Embodying the Elements

Hello there,

First I would like to express my feeling about the PMV, this really mentally touched me– it’s like me in a nutshell.

That’s because I never actually had a great past. I was born with bad eyes, already -11 / -12. I also appeared to be born with autism. It made my school days very difficult, because the first time I went to school, I already found myself being “different” than the other kids.

My parents were fighting as well. They broke up, and my dad ended up in the mental hospital because of it. He hit and kicked me when i was at his place if i didn’t want to tell him about what my mom was doing.

The breakup of my parents, and seeing my dad mentally unstable broke me mentally as well. I never told anyone about the abuse, I just let it happen. After a few years it became less frequent, but the mental scars were still there.

I went to high school and was bullied. I liked things other people found weird, ponies as an example. I never was able to finish high school, and I basically ended up being declared unsuitable for work by the government.

I took 2 years refining my ponysona after that, and I made it a total reflection of myself: what I would be in another reality.

I promised myself to help others instead of myself, and that I always value them as more important then myself.

In mid-winter, I walked past a homeless person in a side ally, and he had nothing to protect himself with. After my parents went to sleep, I took basic stuff, like bed sheets, warm clothes, and some food to the homeless person. He basically burst out in tears when he saw me, as the little boy, having stuff for him, and he ended up talking about his past and how he became this way. He appeared to be ripped clean by his ex wife, putting him in debt. He tried to work his debt off, but then he broke his arm, and wasn’t able to do much.

I needed to go back home, but I kept seeing him a couple of times. However, after a few weeks, he was gone, the ally was empty, and I haven’t seen him since. I just hope he’s doing alright…

In the time since, I kept helping people with depression or other problems, by being there as a friend. I also payed for a part of my friends heart transplantation.

He ended up waking me up at 4AM in the morning through a phone call to tell me he made something for me. He made a beautiful artwork of my ponysona:


I basically (repeating words is a downside of my autism) broke down mentally, because it was so beautiful. We kept talking, and talking. We were pretty much the same– mentally, thoughts.

So when I saw this amazing animation, it caused me to actually get those flashbacks (photostatic memory, as part of my handicap). I want to thank you [BronyDanceParty] and the creator of the song [Forest Rain]. It told me I need to enjoy what I do best: helping others.

It kinda freaked me out when I thought about this:

I’m “kind” to everyone, even unknown people.
I’m “loyal” to my friends and being there for them.
I’m “generous” to everyone.
I’m “honest” to everyone.
I’m “funny / laughable” to everyone.

I follow the 5 elements, but sadly I’m not Magical. =/

I hope this explains enough. Thanks for allowing me to openly talk about all this.
Best of luck to all of you!

Electro-BLITZ (Rick.B)

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  • Comet1258 and Weper78  says:

    I consider the sixth element leadership being that Twilight is kinda the leader of the group. So hearing your story i would consider yourself a leader do you?

  • Jared Dampf  says:

    Aye. You are a leader. Stay strong, lad! Be who you are. Nobody else. Stay as yourself, and you can do ANYTHING. As for the magical part, well, unless you want to persue actual magical goals, I can’t help ya there! XD … Yet. :p

  • Xeno  says:

    this story has touchd me somehow … your probly one of the nicest peaple i know of.

    • Xeno  says:

      and i try to follow the elements but my natural angry face and personality gets me to loyalty and honesty and leadership as Dampf and weper, comet.

  • Jared Dampf  says:

    Xeno, lad, I am just a good speaker…… I… i’m no leader… I am loyal, yes. Honest, as often as I possibly can. But… a leader? … I.. I wouldn’t go far… :(

    • Featherloft Wing  says:

      Hey! Don’t ever, EVER doubt what you can do. Self-doubt is absolutely a hurdle that’s difficult to overcome. I was like that in the past, with no chance of being myself because the world wasn’t ready to be there for me. I have Asperger’s…one of my quirks is that I often dislike doing things out of routine, tend to have obsessions with particular subject matter that nopony has obsessions about, among other things. Plus, not many people know what goes on in my mind, as I tend to shut people out, doubting that they’d understand me. If you see yourself as a leader, then go out and share your story, because one thing stays true: Somepony, somewhere out there, won’t be alone in what you have and what you’re going through. Keep being yourself and inspiring others to do the same! *smiles and hugs*

    • Allison Theaker  says:


  • Luis Garzon  says:

    first of all, hope those scars heal up soon. I also want to help others the same way you are, but not much i can do where i live. And lastly, you do have the sixth element, here’s how:”when you look at other people & see someone, giving them shape and a purpose, that’s when they start to exist in this world.” that’s all they’re looking for someone to notice them, connect with them, that’s where the magic happens.

  • Damian Marks-Green  says:

    You are awesome… :D

  • BravoKrofski  says:

    You are an amazing person for taking the hardships of the world and simply turning it around for yourself and others, never forget all that you’ve done, and know that we are all here for you as your friends.

  • Spiral Galaxy  says:

    BUT YOU ARE MAGICAL! we all are, it is an upside of being in the mlp fandom, if all five elements are present then the sixth will appear, and since all five are found in you all we need is friendship, which is easily found throughout the whole fandom. so, to conclude, *brohoof* /)

  • Nathan Baruta  says:

    Magic is very much what you make of it. You may choose to believe that it exists or not. You may choose to believe that everything is magical, wonderful, even when life crashes down on your head.
    I myself do not have many whom I call friend, yet those that I do I would move mountains for if they but ask. And I would be honoured to call anyone here friend.

  • Josie Beckham  says:

    I have asperger its not as bad as autism but it has the same effect. You are not alone. I have cried to this.

  • Raging Rarity  says:

    That was very touching. This is sorta related to my past. The autism, bullying, and just so much. Very inspirational and very hard. Be in touch if you ever wanna talk! – R.R. (William H.)

  • Austen Fogg  says:

    Ahhh, but you are magical in your own way. “Magic of Friendship”? Friendship is magic, and you, my friend, are defiantly, embodying the “Magic of Friendship”. Magic is something most of us can’t have, but friendship, we can all spread. Stay strong and remember to smile!

  • Allison Theaker  says:

    I had no friends until 4th grade.im in 6th

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