Determination To Succeed

Today, I’d like to share a letter I got from Stephen in Quebec. This letter really touched me because I’m in a very similar education/job situation– as I’m sure many of us are right now. Stephen shows us that great determination and a drive to succeed can make all the difference in the world…

Hi Forest Rain,

I really feel the need to share my story with you.

Standing LeafThe way I am different come a long way from my past. My father had some sort of dyslexia and so he never was able to finish school and get graduated. It leads him to lack self-confidence on himself to the point he become manipulative and sometime even violent. Evidently, that behaviour stained deeply in my mind and I became someone who didn’t get any real self-confidence. My shy behaviour, wearing glasses and being rather small also lead to become bullied a lot at school, which didn’t helped at all. Eventually, after my teenager period, my mother finally got enough and divorced from my father. At the same time I got most of my education behind me, but the harm have been long done.

From then, for so many years, I always thought I was meant to be an eternal loser, never thinking I would do something meaningful in my life. So I took one small job after another and never got any real friends or long term social interactions. I filled the emptiness of my life with books, movies, music and later on, the internet.

However, as I and my small family got bullied and harassed by a violent landlord, I awoken myself to a harsh reality: as long as I don’t take back the control of my life, others will try to do it against me and it will only get worse over time. So I began a long and difficult change to gain more self-confidence and work for a better life. I returned to school to get a better education as well as getting specialized training to make sure I could get a decent job.

After I graduated and my training ended, I was looking for a job but I discovered after a few interviews that my training wasn’t done in a good school and my knowledge wasn’t efficient to really get a decent job. So it was like everything I’ve done and all those hard works and sacrifices were almost for nothing. I was feeling very depressed and I thought I was just too different to ever fit in this society.

At that time, I was already a brony, loving the funny stories, the positive attitude, the realistic lessons about life and the supportive attitude of other bronies, but I just didn’t find anything to really inspire me for my situation or demonstrate that my differences and limitations couldn’t matter. But then, in late August, everything changed: I discovered your song from a post in a forum. I admit, at first, I was just enjoying the quality of the song without paying any real attention to the lyrics. But then, as I hear it again a few times, it strikes me.

I know it sounds silly, but it’s what I needed to deeply think of my situation, get my motivation back and work again to get over those difficulties. This time, I knew that, even if I have to work harder than most other people, even if I will get more bumps than usual along my road, my difference shouldn’t stop me to reach my goals.

So the followings months, I worked harder than ever before. While still searching for a job, I stayed most of the time at home, self-learning everything I needed to compensate what I lacked in knowledge. Finally, my renewed determination paid off: an important enterprise saw my potential, though I still lacked some knowledge and experience, my determination did the difference. I finally got hired, had sufficient fund to sue and win against that dreadful landlord, moved to a better house and began a new life.

Today, while it’s still not perfect, my life is much better than ever before and even though I’m still working to improve my social skill and my self confidence in some situations, it’s getting better over time. I even begin to express myself with video editing and get involved in a local group against school bullying.

I may still need to improve where it’s needed, but I know something I must not change: myself, because I t’s great to be different.

Thanks you for your wonderful song. Thank you for giving me the inspiration I needed.

(Quebec, Canada)

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  • xXAngelKittenXx  says:

    Hey Steven! Keep it up, and get even better and someday I know that you will be whatever you want to be. Just stay who you are and it will all fall into place well you already knew that, but I just wanted to tell you it :)

  • BluCrayon  says:

    There are days that are dark, but never give up. You’re a great person and you inspired me to work harder. Keep up the good work and good luck, man.

  • Supreme lord of the nerds  says:

    Keep up the good work, mate. Never give up!

  • Aster Arwen-LaFountain  says:

    Sometimes you go into the Woods, and life is hard. but to get what you want you must get to the other side of the woods and have your bravery and determination!

  • Cody White  says:

    i couldn’t read in elementary till 6th grade i know what your goin through.great to be different

  • Funneh Cake  says:

    I have an F in math

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