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Robin Williams


So it’s been a little while now since the news of Robin Williams death. As you have probably heard his death was due to an apparent suicide. Robin Williams had been dealing with severe depression starting around 2009. It was also later revealed that he was dealing with the early stages of Parkinson’s disease. All of this news is incredibly heart breaking. A man who brought so much joy and love into people’s life ended his in despair. I think it shows that no one is immune.

Over the course of th...

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School Won’t Let Bullied Boy Bring ‘My Little Pony’ Bag to Class

Just in case you haven’t seen this story already I advise you take a look!

It’s a story about a boy who was bullied for simply wearing a Rainbow Dash backpack to school.

You can see more updates here too:

Also I apologies for not updating a lot, it’s crunch time at BronyCon right now T.T ...

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I’ve stood around too long

Two students at Central Kings Rural High School fought back against bullying recently, unleashing a sea of pink after a new student was harassed and threatened when he showed up wearing a pink shirt.

The Grade 9 student arrived for the first day of school last Wednesday and was set upon by a group of six to 10 older students who mocked him, called him a homosexual for wearing pink and threatened to beat him up.

The next day, Grade 12 students David Shepherd and Travis Price decided something ha...

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