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For Michael

Hi folks, Forest Rain here with some sad news and an important announcement.

Michael Morones

Very recently, we learned that an 11-year-old boy named Michael Morones attempted to take his own life as a result of bullying on account of being a brony. While the attempt was, thankfully, not successful– Michael has been left with severe brain damage, and his family has been left with the medical expenses. His family has reached out to the brony community for help with these medical expenses, and we are responding a...

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Update On the Update and some News

So the show for EFN that Forest and I, and some others are currently working on is requiring a little more work to finish up the first episode then originally planned. So there still will be an update on the 25th, but regular updates wont begin until the following week when I return from my Thanksgiving trip back home to Kansas from Virginia.

Hope all y’all Americans have a wonderful Thanksgiving. To everyone, submit to me something you’re thankful for or tell me a funny Thanksgiving story...

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Bill’s Missing Knuckle

Hey, I have a missing knuckle on my left hand. It has caused problems for me before, too. Can’t grip things as strongly, I can’t lift any objects with my left hand, and it goes limp occasionally. Its a minor difference and no one seems to notice it unless I point it out. But there is actually no knuckle there at all. The skin just sinks where the knuckle should be.

Bill's Knuckle

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Annie’s First Tattoo

Annie sent me this picture. I have no words for this– it’s just amazing! Can I just say just how stupidly honored I am? :D


Annie's Tattoo

I got a tattoo on my foot(My first and only tattoo), based on your song. :) I wanted to tell you how touched I was by not only the song but the message behind it.

I got this tattoo because when I was younger I was made fun of a lot for being different then other because I had Leukemia when I was an infant and the chemo that saved my life also effected how my brain ...

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Thanks to MLP, Homast Now Has Many Friends

I made this picture and thought I’d tell you what makes me different since it’s not really something that can be shown. I’m autistic, when I was 9 I was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, this meant that I always found it hard to make friends. I am now 17 and thanks to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I now have a lot of friends and find it easier to stand people who would make fun of me.
Thanks to your song I now realize that just because I’m different it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad t...
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James’ Ear

This was one of the first things sent to me when I started the Great to be Different community project. Meet James.

James' Ear

“Hello Forest Rain.

I was very touched by your song, its absolutely amazing.
So here.
Hopefully this is what you meant.
It is a picture of myself pointing to my left ear.
I’m not really sure how to show it off so I just pointed at it and tried to get my camera to focus on it.
My ear has been deformed since birth and I have had all kinds of problems because of it through out my ...
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Amazing Blue Hair

I got an email from a brony named Bryton, who has some awesome blue/turquoise hair. Thank you so much for writing to me, and submitting this picture! :D


Bryton's Blue Hair

Hello Forest,

I loved your song ‘Great to be Different’. The first time I heard it, I started crying and couldn’t stop for a while after the song finished playing. I know you probably are getting a lot of comments and emails saying similar things, but even so I wanted to tell you how much it touched me...

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Tobi’s Eyes

Tobias from Munich, Bavaria sent in a picture of his unique eyes. (Derpy would be proud!)

Tobi's Eyes

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A Cutiemark in Mixcraft


My name is FrostyFrostybite…

Frosty and Mixcraft

Well…yeah…when I became a part of the Brony community, I was in the mind set of “Yeah I’m gonna do something awesome and get famous!” Well that hurt me more than helped me, because I cant really draw…or play an instrument… or sing… so I just almost gave up on being a Brony, and just gave up on everything… 

Then somepony put out a hoof and helped me, and introduced me to a lot more bronies than just myself… I was touched by all of the love and support they ga...

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