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Putting the “Smile” back in Smiley


Hello, my name is Hallie Smiley, or as some people know me on the internet, eillahwolf.

¬†Well, I guess I should start my story off from the beginning… Back in 5th grade, I had some “friends” that turned their backs on me and pretty much ignored me. Unlike most people who have to face harsh words from their peers, I had to face silence. Instead of being pointed out of a crowd, I was almost completely ignored...
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How great and special you are

Hello, my name is Jesse, but I mainly go by the name of Arkanium.Arkanium

The first day of my social life at school wasn’t much of a success as I couldn’t communicate with the others. I would usually stay in one spot and be quiet and alone for the whole day. Everyone around me would avoid me and call me a “Demon’s Monster” behind my back. This really made me sad and angry.

When I got to my 4th year of school, aged 8, I started to get bullied both physically and verbally...

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Embodying the Elements

Hello there,

First I would like to express my feeling about the PMV, this really mentally touched me– it’s like me in a nutshell.

That’s because I never actually had a great past. I was born with bad eyes, already -11 / -12. I also appeared to be born with autism. It made my school days very difficult, because the first time I went to school, I already found myself being “different” than the other kids.

My parents were fighting as well...

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Recurring Wounds



I go by numerous different names– Derpy being one of them– but for this sake, I’ll use the name I want: Christina. Throughout my years alive, I’ve been almost constantly bullied or in other ways down for me being different. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, Paranoid-type Schizophrenia, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and more.

It’s hard coming around from day to day, and numerous times I just wanted...

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Panda and Jojo

My name is Echo Ecstasy, and my pony’s name is Panda. Me and Panda share a lot together: her and I are both adopted; her and I share the love of music and art; and her and I both love being creative and outgoing… for the most part.

Even though she is a small character I had created, I’ve made her to be my best friend… my only friend. My entire life I was an outcast. I had tried to be like the others and every time I would get beaten down for it...

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A Shining Star and a Guy With a Guitar

Great to be Different by ryukitsume

Hey everypony– I found an awesome picture from ~RYukitsume over at deviantART, and I forgot to post it here! <_> So, here it is naow!


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Sam Forms Rainbows

Sam Forms Rainbows


Hi, I hope this works, it’s me as a my little pony forming a rainbow with my horn, the rainbow stands for reiki healing.

It’s great to be different. :)
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Creamy Cone Plays With Portals

The first post in the Artwork category! I believe this one made it into the community video as well, but it’s a really cute picture!

— Forest

Creamy Cone Plays With Portals

Your song touched me greatly, like, tons, like, so much I was sobbing like a baby into my pillow. And, when I saw this video, well, I was thinking, my OC doesn’t really do anything out of the norm, or at least, she hasn’t yet, and then I found this picture in my sketchbook.

I guess Creamy’s doing something out of the norm here…

I hope…

xD Well anyways, I ...

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