Being Different is What You Make Of It

RommelWhen I was about 4-5 years old, I was diagnosed with a moderate to severe form of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. This essentially meant that in most social situations, I exhibited unusual or spontaneous forms of behavior (such as cutting my hair with craft scissors in front of an entire classroom) and was unable to even maintain my attention to something for more than a minute. Needless to say, the doctor’s expected me to amount to nothing more than just another crazy, failed Ritalin child.

For much of my childhood, that certainly was the case. I had no friends. I was the subject of bullying, harassment, beatings from the other kids and my siblings. I was the target of all of the usual scorn from my mentor’s for my high maintenance nature. My parents were frustrated beyond belief at times when I failed to meet expectations at school and at home. Depression, suicidal thoughts, and the likes were typical for me. The way it seemed, my difference from the norm was what was driving me and those I cared for to the breaking point.

But, thing’s change. The belief and unconditional love that those who did care for me (my parents, a close friend, and a wonderful HS consular) helped me redefine my understanding of being “different”. They helped me realize that being different wasn’t something to be ashamed of or to be fearful of. It was something to be proud of, to embrace. Being different made you unique and gave the opportunity to take your life in unprecedented directions.

And well, that’s what I did. I’m double majoring in Political Economic’s and Anthropology and I’m one year away from getting my B.A.. I’m involved in multiple organizations on campus for social justice, and I helped co-found Bronies for Good. I have a great deal of friends and companions, and I’m doing my best to help make the world a bit of a better place for everyone.

Being different is what you choose to be. Make it great.

— Rommel

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  • Kimbra  says:

    Hi I feel your pain for ADHD. But I never have thoughts of suicide. I have had been made fun of and bullying though. But there is always a happy middle to something. Just by combining on this website I found out how many people have been bullied just for having ADHD. Also the part of you cutting your hair I was think that’s saying you wanted attention f ok some odd reason. That’s what’s going on with me too.I have ADHD and I know that everybody that has it is very special. :)

  • Bakedbunny  says:

    You good sir, I feel your pain, I also have ADHD, and was treated differently for it. I fought my disorder and pushed myself to graduate high school. I later joined the Airforce, and sadly they discriminated when they noticed that I had it in my file, and promptly discharged me not allowing me to complete my tour of duty.

  • Sparkling Fire  says:

    I tell you AD/HD is needed for survival.
    People with AD/HD ADD is abel to watch things from a different view.
    If just someone had listened I could had helped. Hrrrrrrrmmmmmmpph

    • Sparkling Fire  says:

      Last part in rage at someone

  • RipTide  says:

    Hey man, I know your pain. I have ADHD and some Anxiety Disorder. I’ve gone the the depression and suicidal thought because of bullies. I have felt it all. But I taught myself a lesson that you learned yourself. You different…and that is what makes you special. Don’t listen to the bullies…just laugh at them for trying. Don’t let them get to you and you’ll be fine. I still through stages. For example, this year has been HORRIBLE. My grandfathers sick…I’ve lost a pet…I lost my love. But I just need to remind myself….don’t let it get you down. Stand up tall with your chin held high. Look into depression’s face…and just, laugh. Laugh and laugh and laugh. Be strong and live a wonderful life. Because you never know when it may just end for you.

  • fernando mario  says:

    hola soy latinoamericano vivo en méxico, no se ingles muy bien me temo, pero aun así quería escribir.

    ciertamente me estoy hartando de todo, la razón, bueno miles cada día es decir todos esperan cosas de mi, cosas que no estoy seguro de querer para mi vida, eso me causa mucho estrés, es decir soy el menor de tres hijos ninguna de mis hermanas termino sus estudios, y todos esperan que sea alguien importante estudiando cosas que no quiero, esforzándome por tener becas que exigen demasiado, hoy ya en la universidad me pongo a pensar que hice para hacerme feliz, esta bien tener ese sentimiento egoísta , se supone que hago esto para ayudar a mi familia y eso me ayuda a continuar un poco, pero voy a un camino que no me define hago cosas que no quiero… soy infeliz,pero hace lo que yo quiera le traerá momentos difíciles a mis seres queridos, se que ellos quieren lo mejor para mi pero…. ya no se que pensar.

    sabes me pongo a pensar cuanta gente he rechazado, por ese objetivo que hoy en día me causa dolor, he rechazado el amor, la amistad realmente aun que tengo a mi familia hay un vacío en mi,no siento la vida como era , emocionase por cualquier pequeña estupidez , salir con los amigos que aleje a pasar el ato en la plaza del parque, ya no hay días así. arruine mis amistades,mis oportunidades de amar, todo porque por el camino que elegí, es ser tu o ellos en el camino hacia un gran trabajo (aburrido) la vida se volvió aburrida… dime soy una persona horrible por querer algo que haría mal a mi familia?
    recuperar lo que perdí?

    realmente no se si leas esto solo necesitaba desahogarme.

    • David Contreras  says:

      hola Fernando Mario, yo también soy latinoamericano, solo que de Chile.
      Siempre ocurre que a veces en la vida te sientes mal o simplemente solo, incluso yo tambien alguna vez en la vida me sentí solo y deprimido por distintos problemas personales, pero hoy me siento feliz, ya que todo se ha solucionado. mira, probablemente en otro tiempo de nuevo me sentiré solo y triste, pero a la vez, me volveré a recuperar y todo tendrá más de alguna solución, “Todo tiene solución”.
      sé positivo y no mires hacia abajo, y te juro que tarde o temprano serás feliz y ya todo habrá quedado en el pasado. Te deseo mucha suerte en tu futuro y espero que hayas comprendido el mensaje; “Todo tiene solución”. ¡Y suerte para toda la gente que se encuentre leyendo esto, y también suerte para la gente de esta página web! :D

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