Annie’s First Tattoo

Annie sent me this picture. I have no words for this– it’s just amazing! Can I just say just how stupidly honored I am? :D


Annie's Tattoo

I got a tattoo on my foot(My first and only tattoo), based on your song. :) I wanted to tell you how touched I was by not only the song but the message behind it.

I got this tattoo because when I was younger I was made fun of a lot for being different then other because I had Leukemia when I was an infant and the chemo that saved my life also effected how my brain developed. In a nutshell, I have a lot of organization and memory problems, so even though intellectually I am very smart, it didn’t seem that way to others: they thought I was stupid (just like a certain delivery pony).

It took many years for doctors and others to understand what was going on and longer to accept it myself. I went through years of thinking I was “stupid, strange, lame”, to quote the song, to realize what made me different made me special and wasn’t something to be ashamed about. So I got a tattoo to commemorate me not being afraid of being different anymore.

In fact it’s Great!

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6 comments to Annie’s First Tattoo

  • CedarWoods  says:

    20% cooler, but didn’t it hurt like hell on the bottom of your foot?

  • Lightmoon1  says:

    well your being you that’s great.

  • ponymonmastr  says:

    Im going to get that same tattoo because is so awesome!!!!! :)

  • ponymonmastr  says:

    derpy is best pony!!!!! :)

  • EmeraldSketch  says:

    Thank you for all this support. <3333

    The tattoo artist did mess up on the colors and the tail though I'll be fixing it some time this year. :}

    I will send a new picture when it is fully finished!

  • EmeraldSketch  says:

    Also to clarify I don’t have Aspergers or autism saw that in the tags…

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