A Cutiemark in Mixcraft


My name is FrostyFrostybite…

Frosty and Mixcraft

Well…yeah…when I became a part of the Brony community, I was in the mind set of “Yeah I’m gonna do something awesome and get famous!” Well that hurt me more than helped me, because I cant really draw…or play an instrument… or sing… so I just almost gave up on being a Brony, and just gave up on everything… 

Then somepony put out a hoof and helped me, and introduced me to a lot more bronies than just myself… I was touched by all of the love and support they gave one each other… so I tried to draw… I got somewhat good at that… But the pain came back, and I was telling myself “I can’t draw,” and a lot of negative things… and as the months went on, the pain just grew… but then I discovered this program called Mixcraft. Played around with it, loved it, and then it hit me: This is what i’m good at… this is what makes me different… and that song just put the icing on the cake for me…

I have to say: thank you for the song, and I’m proud to be different.  


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  • Damian274  says:

    maybe your supposed to be famous with Mixcraft. think of it as a cutie mark
    (lame i know) every one has a purpose and you might have just found it.


    bro hoof /)*(\

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